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Help! I can't eat ANYTHING without my 12 week old kitten attacking me to get a bite. By everything, I mean tomatos, red onion, wine, popcorn...and tonight he did a nose dive into my bowl of salsa. I had to stick him under the sink to get it off of him before he could eat any.
He has already been to the vet for diarreah (hmmm, wonder why he's got that!) and I ONLY feed him dry kitten food- his bowl is always full. I have never fed him from the table and have even gone so far as to stand to eat so that he can't suprise attack me from behind!
Short of locking him in another room while we eat, what can I do? The vet bill was already $100 for the red onion incident and the following medicine, not to mention that this is just massive annoying!
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Sounds like you have a very stubborn boy!
Maybe he would like to try some wet kitty food? Mine love Merricks and Wellness, they're both good for all ages of cats. Try giving him a treat of wet food or maybe some cooked chicken in his food dish when you are eating to distract him from your food.
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I'll just second what kittiesx2 said. Good tip!
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I'll third kittiesx2 comment.

Kittens can be like this. It takes some time to modify the behavior, but there is hope.
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Maybe try feeding your kitty at the same time that you eat. That usually distracts ours for a good 5 minutes lol.
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I can relate...our situation is not nearly as much as yours, and luckily we've never had to go to the vet for anything, but I feel for you!
I hate to admit this, but when Marishka was a kitten, I gave into every whim of food she wanted. If I had somethign she really couldn't eat, like chocolate or something, I just went and got her a special treat...resulting in a cat that can beg and hound you until you're out of the mood to eat! I set down a plate with pizza on it once to find her dragging a piece across the couch, sauce everywhere. I have pictures of her stealing cookies once...another one of her pulling a package of crackers behind a trunk I have.
Anyway, I've started feeding her wet food about when I eat my own breakfast and dinner, and it has helped a lot. Hopefully a lot of it your kitten will grow out of too, esp. since you aren't encouraging it like I was
Good luck!
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Thanks so much for the advice! I am going to try giving him wet food while I am eating once his tummy trouble stops and also going to be strict about not feeding him from the table...even though its hard. Hopefully this will help!!
I have to think he'll grow out of it in time?
One thing to mention- he was the runt of the litter and a stray abandoned at 4 weeks...probably a huge factor in his food obsession!
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The wet food idea is good, also time and patience.

When we first got Swanie, he wasn't a kitten but pretty young. He was like that, always in our face wanting our food. Now, a year and some months later, the only begging he's done has been over the holidays when I was slicing ham and last weekend when I boiled chicken on the stove top instead of cooking it in the oven. And then it was just a little low key "meow?"
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Both of mine were terrors for wanting my food when I got them (I recall Jaffa jumping up and landing in a bowl of pasta when he was a kitten) but by being persistant and not letting them have anything off my plate they've both got the message and now leave me alone (sort of - Jaffa tends to sit on the floor waiting for me to finish as I then put my plate on the floor for him to lick). Mosi was terrible when I got him and I could barely get a mouthful of food between repeatedly saying "no" and putting him on the floor. He did get the message quite quickly though and stopped doing it after a few days. If you want your kitten to stop you'll have to be very consistent and deter him every time he tries to take food from you. If he gets some just once it will encourage him to try again. Good luck!
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I second the wet food suggestion. Also I agree with the feed him the wet when you get ready to eat. We started Ping like that when he was a babe. Now 1 yr later he will only eat his night supper when we eat. I can put that wet food down 10 mins before we eat and he will not touch it until we set down to eat. Because like you he would always try to get our food when we would sit down to eat. Now he only tried to get what we eat if it is something that smells really really good.
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