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Maisie's kittens are coming!!!!

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ok, so I am at Maisie's breeder helping her deliver a litter, when i get a call saying Maisie's has gone into labour. So i am home now. Se gave birth to a little Blue kitten at 9:40pm and nothing since....shes not trying hard at moment, not straining lots. If it carries on for longer i'll have to ring emergency vet, but think shes just resting. Anyway, no. 1 is 100g, blue i think maybe a girl but not sure yet!
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aw , im so glad everything is going well, keep us updated.
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no 2 is here. i think hes a red boy, will charge my batteries and try put photos on tomorrow! 115g
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ok, so Maisie had 6 babies, and we must have got our dates out cos they were all ok. She has had:

1) Blue 100g
2) Red tabby? not sure yet 115g boy
3) Blue 105g
4) Blue-cream i think girl 90g
5) Black i think although has pinky nose so i guess could be a choc but dark. think black tho. 100g
6) Tortie 100g

They are all doing ok. No. 4 wasn't breathing but got her going and she's doing ok now despite being the tiny one! Fingers crossed all goes ok! I'll do some pics later!!
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wow six little newbies - moma did real well then - keep us posted on progress
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she did brilliantly! Unfortunately due to the blood compatibility i have had to take them away for 18 hours but they are hand feeding fine and weeing and pooing so hopefully as long as she'll have them back it'll be fine!
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Arr sounds like she has done a grand job of delivering these babies. Im glad all went well.

It wont be too long for her till she gets her babies back. Bless her, She must wonder whats going on.

Cant wait for pics of your babies.

Emma x x
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thats great news that everything went ok. bless them they will be back with there mummy in no time. these are british shorthairs arnt they?
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Yes they are British Shorthairs. The first one can go back to mummy this afternoon. She's needing lots of cuddles poor thing as is a bit confused! Never going to put her through this again. Next time we will make sure we use a B stud!!

Got a few pics but they are not great yet, hard to photograph this young and wriggly i am finding!!

my rainbow litter!

my black or ? dark choc - definitely looks black at moment in flesh bt very pink nose etc. Maybe u guys can help!!

red tabby?

Not got any of the tortie or the blues and blue-cream close up yet!
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aww there beautiful!!!
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Awww, they're very cute!!
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They are so sweet and they all look really healthy too.

Congrats to you and momma x x x x x x
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aww a pile of fluffies - sweet, just sweet, give them all some little tummy rubs from us
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Congrats on a healthy litter and good job Maisie! The kittens are beautiful! Can't wait to watch them grow.
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What cute cute kitties - congrats that they are all safe and well! Big pat on the back to Maisie.
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thanks guys!

they are so gorgeous!! Maisie is allowed number 1 back now, so fingers crossed it all goes well!!

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congratz, they are beutiful babies! and i'm so glad everythign went okay. i bet mama will be happy to have her babies back.
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babies are all back with Maisie now and suckling well and all is very content. I can't stop going and looking at them! They are amazing!!!
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They are beautiful, well done . its scary but so exciting to. congrats.louise
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