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Originally Posted by ILoveMyKitty View Post
i don't have a car but i still care about gas prices. it is around $3.35 a gallon here in Eugene, OR. it's highway robbery
I'm up here in Portland - I agree. The people I really feel for are not those in cities who do have transportation options (even if they don't care for them) but those in rural areas and people on many reservations who are so terribly poor to begin with.

The gas hikes don't really hurt those who can afford it, they hurt those who cannot.
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The last time I got gas was this past Monday. It was $3.59 a gallon. I don't know if it's gone up in this past week.
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no kidding!! you know what helps though? a bottle of white zinfindale it's around $2.85-88 here/ gal. for now. tomorrow it'll probably be 3
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Regular is still mostly under $3 here. That won't last long. I just paid $2.92 on the way home from work today.

I have a 20 mile commute and DH has an 8 mile commute. He has the hybrid and we're about to swap cars. Thank heavens we bought a hybrid last year (he gets about 50 mpg). I'm curious what the waiting list is for hybrids these days.
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i'm on the boarder of iowa and illinois. it was $2.89 when i filled up monday. i'm kind of afraid to see what it will be next time. and i don't buy a particular grade, just whatever's cheapest. around here the middle grade is usually cheapest.
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About 2.89 a gallon here, higher in some places.
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Originally Posted by catlover19 View Post
It is about $1.09 here. I wish I still lived in Belleville, they always had the cheapest prices. Looking at Belleville is 98.9, but I am glad I am not in Thunder bay 1.19 is crazy.
Same for us here pretty much...about $1.06/litre
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$1.05 here too today (about $4 per gallon)
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It's 2.79 for regular here.
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I did find one place that was $1.71 this weekend, too bad my tank was already full.
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Originally Posted by icklemiss21 View Post
$1.05 here too today (about $4 per gallon)
That is crazy! This is getting to be ridiculous! We are at $2.79/gallon and it's not even summer yet! I told a coworker that if it gets over $3 we are carpooling together! I'm so glad I don't have a truck or SUV.
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The place where I work has gas at $2.99/gallon for unleaded.. I always try to get my gas in town where it's cheaper when I need it.
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It's $1.229 CDN per litre here... so that's

$4.22 USD per gallon.
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Gas was $3.49 a gallon when I filled up on Saturday
$50 to fill up a Honda!
My husbands truck is even worse. It cost's him over $100 to fill his tank!
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Here in my area, it is 2.89 per gallon, they say it will be well over 3.00 before summer's end.
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That's cheap! In wisconsin here regular gas is $3.29! I spend at least 60 dollars a week on gas for my little coupe car just to get too and from work! That's a total of over $240 a month just in gas! Its bs to be honest!
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Originally Posted by kittiesx2 View Post
Gas was $3.49 a gallon when I filled up on Saturday
$50 to fill up a Honda!
My husbands truck is even worse. It cost's him over $100 to fill his tank!

WOW! I don't know if I could survive if it was that high here!!
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Yup, it's regularly been about $3.50/gallon here for the "cheap" stuff! I'm glad we have a Prius and a short commute, let me tell you...

In Australia when we were last back, it was about $1.30/L I think.
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Here it's $3.65 for regular. It'll be over $4.00 soon. It's already kissing that for premium and wouldn't you know my car takes premium. I'd take public transportation if only it would stop in this little country town.......
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$2.75 here, bit higher in random places. But I just realized I don't drive much plus my car gets good mileage... I filed up Saturday, after driving around for 16 days without filling up. :o)
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Just turned $3.02 here today
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It's gone down to $4.21 USD a gallon. Can anyone top that? Did I win? Oh, wait... I think I lose.
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