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No room for 2 Desk Buddies

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Pepsi had taken up the spot for Desk Buddy Duties - just see her outline at the back - which we all know is really Dino's job even though he's been sacked Anyway Dino is still very mindful that its HIS job and came on duty as normal - BUT bless he had to squidge right up to the edge of the desk, cos Peps was in the way
look at his legs hanging off - he still manages to get some shut-eye tut-tut !!!
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hehe well have to get in nap before teddy sneaks up and takes over
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Awww You have the most adorable desk buddies!
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He's making sure he squashes himself on no matter what.
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Awwww, Dino is trying to get back in your good graces, Ann...
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Dino looks huge in that picture! I wanna his little piggies!
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I wouldn't have guessed the hard desk was such a prime spot. But then, I'm not a cat.

P.S. I love the black pads on Dino's feet. They look like little jelly beans!
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His little feets are so darn cute!
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that is too cute! And well they are both such cuties
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Many kisses to your sweet boy
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LOL! Thats so cute! But I'm jealous too! I want to sleep like a cat! Just not on any desks or stuff like that!!!
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They can be so persistent when they want a particular place to sleep.
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Awww, I just love it when they let their legs hang off, what a cuddly looking Tux kitty!!
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Now I can see why he got the sack!
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