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What is my breed?

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I have a cat, he is of russian blue colour, but he has long hair, with silver tips on the hairs. We looked at the individual hairs and it is wavy although it is not obvious when they are all together, but individually you can see the waves - its like someone put a crimper to his fur.
We have been looking all over trying to figure out exactly what he is, if he is a nebelung or a long haired russian blue - can anyone help figure this out? I cannot seem to attach the picture because it is too big to attach. ( I still havent figured my scanner out). But if you do need to see a picture, email me and I will send it to you. My address is kiwideus@netscape.net
His personality is wonderful, he is loving, very active, funny, entertaining, very intelligent, loyal to us. I dont know if this will help for anyone to identify what kind of personality he is.
Any help will be much appreciated!

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Nubelong are rare, and a long haired blue is not recognized. Do you or did you see his/her parents? Crimped hair..sounds sweet. I at one time had Cornish Rex who had hair like that but not long. You might want to go to the TICA OR CFA site and see if you can match up. If you need the links let me know and I will try to send it.

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