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Poor little guy..I hope all goes well with him.
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just checking in on little Dozer - hows he doing
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Just dropped him off for an overnight at the vet. They are going to do X-rays and an enema or whatever is needed. I'll update you tomorrow! *glances at wallet which will be empty soon*
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Awwww. Thank you for the update. I'm sending 'good poopie' vibes for Dozer. Will they bottle-feed him while he's there?
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I didn't ask. They asked on the drop-off sheet when the last time he was fed was so hopefully they will. My vet is also going to give me a big discount on the whole thing (so happy about that). I'm supposed to be going abroad for the month of June and this is really gonna cut into my savings. :\\ Hopefully there won't be anymore problems after this. ^_^
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Good news about the discount. I always advise people, when they rescue a little one, to tell the vet that the kitten is a rescue. The vet will often discount or do certain things free.
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Picked Dozer up from the vet about 30 minutes ago. The vet gave him a teeny tiny enema and he started pooping right away. He kept the poo so we could take a look at it and it looks like maybe (there were two pieces.. one small and one BIG) a small bit got lodged in there and was preventing him from going. He also had a lot of gas. They X-rayed him and said there was still some left up in there but hopefully this little jump start will get it going within the next couple of days.
He only charged me $100 for the entire visit! The X-rays alone are worth $140. So, I got a good deal. We probably won't see any more poo tonight but maybe by Friday there will be some. I'm happy he's alright.
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Doing the poopie dance.
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Oh that brilliant news. Must be such a relief for the little one.

Love to you both.

Emma x x
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phew !! good news on the poop front then and what a bargain, your vet is very reasonable and understanding ! Give that little Dozer some gentle tummy rubs from us
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