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Kitten and water

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I have a 5 month old Kitten, Willow, and she is absolutley fasinated by water, she loves it. Everytime i have a bath, shes up on the side waving her paw in the water, playing with the bubbles, she loves going out in the rain, and when i clean my fish tanks out shes there helping me splashing the water everywhere, she even trys to get in the bucket.
The other night after i had had a bath i was calling her and the next thing i know she has fallen asleep laying flat out in the bath, in the bubbles and water, it was so sweet. I thought cats hated water,shes more like a dog than a cat, she is adorable i love her to pieces she brings us hours of fun and entertainment.
I was just wondering though why she likes water so much?
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I'm moving this to our behavior forum where it will get the proper attention.
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Hi Daisy, that is so cute!! I too have a "kinda" water loving kitty, her name is Truffle and she a persian cross, she alwasy wants to watch you in the bath, she'll jump up the side and try to bat the bubbles or eat them!! She alos likes to sleep in the sink in the bathroom (not the kitchen sink though.. wonder why?!?!) and in the bath, she wants to get in the shower too.... but if you actually GET her wet, she stomps off in a grump!! :laughing: Gotta love 'em
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Rowdy likes to play in the bathtub and shower, too. She sits on the side of the tub and plays peek-a-boo around the shower curtain. Frequently, she falls in and hops right back out.

When I soak in the tub, she sits on the side, with her tail in the water. She, also, bats at my hand, when I'm shaving my legs.

Cats are just plain weird!
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I have a friend who's cat loved bubble baths. She set up a video camera on the side of the tub and caught the cat sticking her head under the faucet, and cavorting around in the bubbles while the tub was filling. She was a white cat, and eventually all you could see was 2 little gold eyes in the bubbles, looking right in to the camera. It was so cute.
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I have a kitty that plays in our creek in the summer time chasing the fishes and the crawdads. I even caught her swimming across it a few times although there is a bridge she could of used. She stands in the shower with me and loves to sit up on the hot tub and bat at the water. She is a delight- though she also washes her kibble in the dog's water bowl then looks horribly offended when it dissolves!
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Some cats apparently love water. Tigers in the wild are very good swimmers. Some breeds are more fond of water then others.
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Turkish Vans are apparantly a breed that love water..

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Thats the most amazing picture. I've never seen a cat in the water, let alone SWIMMING.

It's so unusual, but funily enough, it looks quite natural.
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I've read that Manx cats are fond of water, too. When I was about 5, we had a pair of them. They would get in the shower with me and play. My mom yelled at me for "putting the cats in the shower". I had to have her come into the bathroom and watch, to prove that they put themselves there!
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Shorty just loves water too! She especially likes it when you turn the tap on in the bathroom...I have a couple of pictures of her when she does that, but you all have to wait b/c I have to get the film developed! She knows when you are in there, so she'll wait by the door until you are finished, then as soon as you open the door, she is right in there! You just have to remember to close the lid on the toilet...my sister didn't and Shorty jumped up and realized that the lid wasn't down and almost fell in lol. When she is bored, she'll sit at the sink waiting for water to come out of the tap too! I was cleaning the bathtub today and she kept jumping in there. I didn't think it was all that healthy for a kitty to be in with the cleaning stuff, so I had to keep getting dad to come and bail her out :laughing: Finally I just closed the shower curtain (and almost made myself high lol jj :laughing2: ) and that seemed to solve the problem. I can't wait to see if someday she'll jump into the bathtub with the water going! She does that when the tap is on in the sink, so maybe she'll do it with the tub too! She is absolutely fascinated with the fact that water comes out the tap and goes down the drain! lol Anyways, whenever I get the pictures developed, I will post them on here!

Oh, btw, she is a shorthair...no particular kind, except one that likes water!
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