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Hello. First time cat owner here, and I have a few diet-related questions. I have a 5 mo. old rescue kitty named Pepper.

Is there anything I should be supplementing my kitty with other than his regular food? Vitamens?

Do I have to feed wet food AND dry food? I'd prefer to just feed dry.

Is it ok to free feed (leave food out all the time so he can eat whenever he wants)? If not, how often/much should I be feeding him?

Thank you very much! I think this site will be a HUGE help for me to learn about basic cat care so I can raise Pepper well!

Pics of him in the New Members thread under "Dog lover gets her first kitten"
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that cats need to have wet food at least 4 times a month to keep it from having problems. Make sure you are using a high quality food and you won't need to supplement. You can measure out the proper amount of dry food and leave it out all day. The amount to leave out should be listed on the bag of food.
I hope this helps you!
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I have read the same thing as Vikki on the wet/dry food issue. As long as Pepper is drinking enough he doesn't need wet food. If you do feed wet food, the rule of thumb is to only leave it out for 1/2 hour. It starts going bad after that.

We totally free feed our two. Their food bowl is always full (dry food, obviously). They eat what they need, and neither of them is overweight at all. They get wet food as a treat, but not frequently. They generally just lick the gravy off and leave the food anyway. They drink a lot of water, though, so I know they are well hydrated.
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