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What's Your Favorite Drink

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Mine is Southern Comfort and Gingerale, lots of ice and a slice of orange. What's yours.
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I'm a simple girl...I love beer. And tequilla shots. Wine just gives me a headache and makes me fall asleep!
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I love Bailey's Irish Cream and Amaretto!
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cherry lime soda
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A good sweet white wine. Moscato, especially. I just found an absolutely wonderful Moscato Asti. To die for!!!

Non-alcohol...just plain unsweetened iced tea, lots of ice, and a slice of lemon!
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The only thing I ever drink if I'm going to drink (which is always in the comfort of my own home) is a little rum in coke. That's it.
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Either a frozen lime daiquiri or an icy Kahlua & cream. I have one or the other approximately once a year, whether I need to or not. ~ sigh ~
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I like rum and coke or amaretto sour.
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Malibu Coconut Rum in Pineapple juice. It tastes like a Pina Colada, yum! For more of a Pina Colada effect, you can add a bit of high quality coconut milk! I've always drank it on the rocks, but having been just given a food processor/blender appliance, this Summer, I'll be trying it blended with ice into a perfect frozen slush! Now I want one just thinking about it!
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Sex on the beach..or just plain old pepsi.
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Banana milk! I have had problems finding it, but now Walmart has a mix...
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White coffee/cap. White wine still or bubbly.
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Oh yes, for non-alcoholic, spring water and/or hot tea.
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Scotch. Rocks and a little water, unless it's a single malt, then neat or one rock.

N-A? Hmmm...probably water.
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Lime Vodka Sour
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Mojito and Bailey's Irish Cream. I'm a beer girl too.
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Beer, wine, Summer Hummers, mike's hard lemonade.
For NA-seltzer water, iced tea (unsweetened please!!).
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Since I don't drink anything alcoholic ever, I can only list not alcohollic drinks. I like Sparkling Clear Cascadia Rasberry flavoured water. It pretty much like a soda but much more refreshing, and it's sugar free.
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I'm boring, just ice tea, coffee, and diet pepsi gal here.
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In terms of non-alcoholic drinks it has to be Root Beer

If I had a choice I'd drink a whiskey sour but that is almost impossible to get in the uk so I tend to stick to bitter.
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Whisky Sour. Non alchy-Pepsi.
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Margarita if it's alcoholic, Diet Coke if it's not.
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Originally Posted by DawnofSierra View Post
Oh yes, for non-alcoholic, spring water and/or hot tea.

and for alcoholic - margaritas
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I like Cosmos. And a lot of other things. I'm a lush.

As for n-a, I like iced tea and tomato juice, but not together!
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Hmm, well usually its crown-n-coke. But I also enjoy shots as well...... They are really yummy(they have baileys and whip cream) probly dont want to know what they are called But anyhoo they are yummy!!

For non alcohol I like diet pepsi....my favorite has been a fountain diet pepsi with a shot of cherry!! Thats sooo yum yum!!
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Diet pepsi and cherry 7up for alcohol I love wine coolers.
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I like wine, red or white, depending on what I'm having for dinner. I also like Screwdrivers.
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Archers and lemonade
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Strawberry margaritas
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