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Originally Posted by lisasha3 View Post
Yeah...ummm...ok....YOU GUYS ARE NO HELP AT ALL!!
I talked to the lady at the rescue and told her we're going to "foster" her for a couple more weeks just to make sure. If things continue the way they are though, looks like we'll be at an official 6 in a couple of weeks.

6 isnt that many, and its a great number of kitties to have

who am I to talk I have 6

But I say GO FOR IT, how could u resist that sweet face she is just such a cutie pie
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Came back to check -- I hope that sweet little face has a home! What a darlin'...
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Awwwwww Lisa!! I am so happy I knew you would keep her..look how cute she is
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Originally Posted by booktigger View Post
The thing that stops me adopting more of my fosters is that by keeping them, it takes up a space that a more needy cat could take, so there is your voice of reason!!
Thought about that already and she's mingling with my crew. She's not in the area where I keep the fosters - so not really taking up any space. I keep my fosters on a separate floor.
And....as I'm sitting here....she may have just ruined her chances with me. She took a crap on my carpet! This has happened before a couple of times and she's always close to the litter box (this time only 6 inches away), but I don't want to deal with that for the next 20 years! ARrrgghhhh. I was leaning towards keeping her (and kinda still am) and she hasn't done this in weeks (since her babies went). this is the first time! She didn't miss, that's for sure - it was a good 6 inches from the box. Ohhhhh - that makes me so mad!!! I just don't want to be cleaning carpets for the next 20 years. Why did she have to do that? Now I'm back to not knowing what to do.
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If she does in that someone else's house, they might just dump her You're in love with her and are wondering if she's worth it for that...

Maybe you need some help in figuring out WHY she's doing it?
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Oh no Lisa. I was hoping to hear that things were working out smoothly!!

I hope that she doesnt poop on your floor anymore, because I still think you need to keep her!!!
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Well...the pooping thing you can definitely handle. There's lots of info in the behavior forum, and elsewhere on this site. You can do it!!!

And I couldn't possibly try to talk you out of something that is clearly meant to be...she sounds like she's a part of your gang already. I say give her the home with you that she deserves...you deserve it too!!!
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Yeah, I don't think you'll ever get talked out of a cat here. We're enabers.
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She is a beauty and I would say go for it. However, logically of coarse you have to ask yourself the important questions on wether all the pros and cons balanance and if it's the right thing to do...If you believe it is..add another furbaby to the household.

I would love to get another cat right now but with me it is a problem with not enough space.

Good luck making your decision, and if you can't keep her take heart in the fact that you at least had her for a little while and now she can make someone else happy as well.
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Originally Posted by sarahp View Post
If she does in that someone else's house, they might just dump her You're in love with her and are wondering if she's worth it for that...

Maybe you need some help in figuring out WHY she's doing it?
Actually since she's only done this a couple of times and all are close to the box I think I know why she's doing it. She's one of those "super clean" kitty's meaning if there is more than one load in her litter box she won't use it. With a little work I think we can take care of that problem. I have to make sure I'm adament about her litter box and I'm also slowly over time going to move her box to eventually get it into the basement in the "kitty potty room" with the others. Once I get it down there I"m going to swap it to an extra large box like I"ve got for the others (all my litter boxes are actually rubbermaid storage containers that are about 3ft X 2ft and about 8 inches deep). Can put plenty of litter in there and with so many boxes in the cellar I shouldn't have a problem. If for some reason I slip up too and don't clean it to her liking - if she goes down there at least it's on the concrete and not my rug. We'll see. I'm keeping it super clean now to see if that helps.
As a side note - the only cat she tends to not get along very well with in the house is Pebbles. She can be a real you know what sometimes and gets really bent out of shape, but I just watched the two of them chasing each other around the house - playfully!!
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Ok...she is NOT making this decision easy!

Yes - those are MY bed pillows....but she looks so cute and entirely too comfortable
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Originally Posted by lisasha3 View Post
Ok...she is NOT making this decision easy!
I think she's trying to make the decision VERY easy for you! She's as sure as a kitty can be that she has found her home and family.
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I know I'm always pushing this product, but it's SO great, and it might solve your problem, because it ensures that every kitty has clean litter to step into every single time: <litter-robot.com>
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We are now an official 6 and Mia is a member of our family.
She's been mingling even better with my crew and no accidents on the floor since I've been obsessive compulsively cleaning her majesty's litter box .
Also, I knew I had finally made up my mind when I had someone call today looking to adopt her and I told them she had already been adopted. I knew then she was staying here.
Soooooo - looks like I need a new siggy!!! Any takers? Volunteers? I love the work Karen has done on my siggy's. You've been great! Want to add another? The pictures of Mia on page one of this post probably could be used.
One minor request though (and I can put this in the siggy request area if you want). When I get a new siggy, I'd like to swap out my pics of Peanut and Pebbles. Peanut's picture is a strange one I took that doesn't really look like her and Pebbles doesn't show her beautiful blue eyes. Zoey, Snickers, and Chance's pictures I love, but Pebbles and Peanut don't really look like themselves.
Anyways (minor sidetrack there) - we are now 6

And the lady that does the cat rescue let me keep Mia at no charge because of all the help I've given her. That was so sweet of her and I offered her the adoption fee more than once and she refused it. So as a thank you I'm having a professional sign maker make up a beautiful sign for her to put outside on every Saturday at adoption. Right now she puts out a small hand written poster. I hope she likes it!
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Hehe i figured you'd cave!!!! Awww! Congradulations on your new furbaby!!!!!!
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Congrats! I knew she was yours way earlier than you did! hehe No one could refuse that little cutie and she tried so hard to let you know that she adopted you
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Awwwwwwwww i knew you would throw the towel in!! Welcome to your new home Mia
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I would've been of no use to you....I just picked up cat no. 19!!!!
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Congratulations to you and to Mia You knew it when you first brought her home
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When can we see more pictures
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That's great to hear, glad you are keeping her! Congrats and all your kitties are beautiful!!
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Congrats! Mia....you did a fine job of talking meowmy into keeping you!
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That's wonderful! Congratulations!
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She's a beauty!
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Congrats! We just knew you couldn't resist! She will fit in perfectly with all of your other gorgeous kitties!

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Awesome!! That is so great!!! Shes a doll!!

Congrats on kitty number 6!!
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I have to admit that I have only just seen this thread. I saw the title and I just knew immediatly that you would become 6... I just knew it. I hadnt even seen pictures nor read the story.

Welcome little girl
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Originally Posted by clixpix View Post

She's a beauty!
She is so so cute!! Congrats on #6!
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