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Seth's pics and an update(some pics are graphic)

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Hey guys, I'm able to get on here for a few and update you all a bit.
Seth wasn't getting better on the Vancamicin and Rochephin, the strongest antibiotics that they could use.So, they did a Cat scan and found the Pleural Effusion on his right lung.I saw the x-rays and there was NO lung there basically,it was all infection.Picture a bowling ball in his right lung. It was colapsing his lung and he was having a very hard time breathing.His temps kept going up and up.At one time it was 104.7 that was AFTER his surgury too.They ended up packing him with ice to cool him down.....he had ice packs under both arms, at the base of his neck and then they were going to do one in his groin area if those didn't work to bring down his temp.They did though.He also had a cold wash cloth on his forhead and one on his chest.
So, they called in a Thoracic surgeon and decided that the best thing for him would be to do the surgury.His surgeon, was a wonderful woman who explained what would be done to him in full detail, so there was no surprises for us.
It took an hour to litterally scrape the infection off of his lung.She said she peeled it away, it was like a scab almost.Picture a canned ham, the jelly stuff from it, that was what they were hoping to find.Instead it was thicker than that.
He had 2 chest tubes put in to drain all the junk out of his chest.He was on continuous oxygen,IVs, got breathing treatments every 3 hours plus, chest precushions every 3 hours.It's a funny little thing that beats on your chest to break up all the crap that it can.They did x-rays every day, plus blood work.
Through it all, he never cried.He never gave them any grief for whatever they did to him.The only time he would have tears in his eyes, was when the Morphine started to wear off and he was starting to hurt.Still, he didn't cry.They switched him to Loratabs for pain as the Morphine would only work for 30 min. at most.
He will have to have x-rays for a while.He is on Antibiotics for 30 days at home.Can't go outside, can't have visitors, can't be around smoke/heavy perfume or anything strong that may cause his lung more iratation.
He still has Pnemonia and will for some time they say. But, he's home and is doing pretty good.
He'll have to get the flu shot EVERY year and the Pnemonia shot every 5 years -I believe.He goes to see his Surgeon on May 4 and then for an x-ray the same day.Plus to see his Ped. on May 1st.
I can't tell you all how much your love/support/vibes/prayers and thoughts helped us.He was one very sick little boy. If I wouldn't have followed my Mothers instincts and known it wasn't just a virus, he wouldn't be here now.....the Drs even said that.
Shawn went out an bought a big Hepa air purifier for the Living room and then a little one for Seths' room.
I have to change his bandages 2 times a day and they look so painful!
Here are a few pics. there are some that are graphic, so if you get sick easy.............don't look.
I have a bunch of pics of Seth, but will pick out just a few to post.

-the following one is the most graphic

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Poor baby! What a brave boy you have. I hope that he continues to get better and stronger everyday. My prayers will be with him!
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Awwww.... he such a little brave cutie, Tammy. So glad he is recovering....

for you Sis and all the others there.
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Glad to hear he is on the mend, he was very brave. tell him we are all very impressed
Isn't amazing how little they look when they are ill
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Oh Tammy, what I'd give to put myself in Seth's place. He's one strong boy. He's got all of us rooting for him & a wonderful family.
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What an awful ordeal for him

I'm glad that he's home and stable enough to be on oral antibiotics. I hope he continues to improve. It must be very difficult for him to be completely isolated like he is until he's better. I bet he's just itching to get outside and play with his friends.
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To all of you Tammy I am glad that he's feeling better poor little guy. Its amazing how they get through something that bad.. Kiss him for me Tammy Bless his Heart
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Awww, the poor little guy He looks so little and precious.
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bless your brave boy he has certainly been through it

I am still thinking about you all and sending get well soon ((((( vibes ))))) for that special little boy
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Thank you all. I'm trying to get caught up on all that I missed, but I don't think I'll be able to.So, PLEASE forgive me if I haven't sent out well wishes/thoughts/vibes and all to anyone here.
I am answering my PMs now and getting back to everyone!
I have missed giving out gifts too.
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aw what a little fighter , im so happy to read his doing well, you have been in my thoughts throughout this.
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Oh, I am so glad to see this today- I was going to post a thread asking about him if I didn't see one today . I have been praying for you- I am so glad he is doing better! What a rough ride for such a little guy!(and you ) I will continue to pray for a quick recovery!
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Tammy I am keeping Seth in my thoughts and prayers. He is a very strong and brave boy!
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Lot's of hugs and prayers to you and Seth
What a brave boy!!
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OMG that poor kid...Thank God everything turned out okay. HE is very brave. I hope you are doing ok yourself Tammy, this hasn't been easy
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Gees poor kid!!!!! He sure did go through a lot I bet he has some wicked scars to show the other kids though...

Hopefully he'll back to his normal self before too long! That's the good thing about kids, they recover fast!
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My emotions are still very raw.But, as the days go by, they get better.I'm just thankful that my boy is ok.
Our whole family is still dealing with all of this.My MIL kept Jordan and Devin for Shawn,and then my SIL kept Amber for him while I was at the Hospital with Seth.I NEVER left his side, other than while he was in surgury and then from 6:30-7:30 am and pm.....that's when they did their shift changes in PICU and I couldn't stay in there.
Let me tell you, this is by far the roughest thing that we've ever went through.I mean with Dad(he died from Cancer) but this is my own flesh and blood/my child.
Thank you all for eveything!! I'll get on here as often as I can.
Seth's playing the game right now, so he is feeling better as the days go by.He's just sore and doesn't like when I have to change his bandages.He told the Nurses and the Drs that I am the best Nurse.

BTW, thank you Sarahp for the points!! I will give out gifts here in a few and then do more over the next day or so.
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Originally Posted by crittermom View Post
Let me tell you, this is by far the roughest thing that we've ever went through.I mean with Dad(he died from Cancer) but this is my own flesh and blood/my child.
according to my mom, it's worse when it's your child. children are not supposed to die before their parents [my brother died at 22]. even when they're so sick, that's what we're thinking... at least with our parents, we pretty much expect them to eventually get older, & pre-decease us. so it's not so unexpected.
anyway, off the morbid stuff - so glad to hear he's on the mend! prayers for you & yours will continue, as i'm sure that's a big part of what's helped him!
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What a brave little guy... i've been praying and thinking about him and your family!

that last picture is all too familiar. When I was 12-13 my mum had 2 chest tubes put in (2 more a few months later). And I used to have to change her bandages when she was at home.

I'm glad he's doing okay, and that he will continue to get better!
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I didn't catch the beginning of your ordeal; I didn't realize Seth was so young!
I bet in another week or so he will be going crazy with boredom!
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Poor little fella

Give him all a big hug for us when you can
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Oh what a brave little trooper he's been through all of this! I'm glad he is getting better, even if it's a bit longer road to travel.
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It's brilliant to hear that he is doing so much better You are all in my thoughts, it was such a hard time for all of you, but what a brave little boy you have. All your support must have meant the world to him. I cannot imagine how hard it has been for you, take care, what a brilliant Mum you are too.
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Those pictures brought tears to my eyes. Poor little guy, having to go through that! to you, you must be exhausted!

Originally Posted by crittermom View Post
He told the Nurses and the Drs that I am the best Nurse.
Awww, what a sweetheart!
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Your son is so beautiful. It's wonderful to hear that he's doing so much better.
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I'm happy things are looking brighter for your son, you and your family. You've got a brave boy there!
Best wishes for a continued speedy recovery!
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Big hugs to all of you, Tammy. What a brave little boy you have there and what brave Mother he has. My thoughts and prayers will continue to be with you all.
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Hopefully he will continue to improve!!
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He wants to go outside to play so bad.But he knows he can't for a while still.He has an appt. with his Surgeon on the 4th and his Ped on the 1st of May.Plus, his next x-ray is the 4th also.
I'll find out then how long he has to be stuck in the house.
Thank you all for EVERYTHING!!!!!
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I am glad that Seth is feeling better Tammy, I tried to call you a couple of times, but I just got your voice mail.
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