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Oh, no i'm sorry....I wish him a speedy recovery!!!! It's never easy to watch a pet endure an illness. I'll being sending good vibes your way!!!
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love and hugs for your beautiful Bailey
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More hugs and healing vibes for Bailey. I hope she starts eating and that whatever is wrong is easily curable.
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Many prayers for Bailey.
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I'm so sorry to read your post. i'm sending good vibes to Bailey. I went through this with my two who got sick from recalled food. They recovered nicely, with I.V.'s and meds. I'm sure you took her in as soon as you knew something was wrong. Your vet will make her better and all the good vibes from this site will help.
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I went to see Bailey yesterday evening at the emergency vet. She was pretty lively and was walking around the room (she was so cute limping around with her little bandaged paw that had the IV in it ). I got her to eat a whole small can of baby food, which made me really happy since it was the most she'd eaten in one sitting in almost a week! I called this morning, and they told me she's eaten 2 jars since then (although it's possible she may have been including the one jar that I gave her last night- I didn't think to ask). Either way, even if she's only eaten 2 jars including the one I gave her, it's still an improvement. Today, they're going to repeat basic blood work to see if her creatinine and/or calcium levels have gone down. They're also going to do an ultrasound to see if they can find any lymphomas or abnormalities that couldn't be seen in the x-ray. The vet said that she didn't think it was crucial to do an ultrasound if cost was an issue, but that it wouldn't be a bad idea. I asked her to do it anyway, because if it has even small potential to show something, then it's worth it to me. I knew I wasn't crazy when I got per insurance!

I'm supposed to hear back from her probably early this afternoon. Also, the blood test that they won't get the results back for until next week is one to test the level of a hormone released by the parathyroid glands. I guess an elevated level of that particular hormone can be indicative of cancer (it also can cause calcium levels to increase, which is why she's having the test done).

I'm going to check with her to see if I should put off her dental. I can't imagine that she should go through with it right now (it's scheduled for Monday). I'll probably get some Feliway too. Maybe that'll help calm her down.

So I guess not a whole lot has changed, and they're still not sure what's wrong with her. But she's been eating, which is a huge plus! I'll update everyone once I know more.

Thanks so much to everyone for your support and kind thoughts!!
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Just read through and your last update. Wow what a worrisome week for you guys. I am glad to hear she is eating--appetite is a positive!

I know it's still scary not knowing but you are a super cat mommy.

My Grayboy had a undiagnosed fever recently; he is fine now but it will forever be in the back of my mind as to what went on. The not knowing is the worst.

Here's to more positive healing vibes!
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It's great that she is eating! That is one worry off your mind. Now just keep focussed on the other things.
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Hopefully I can get her to eat over the weekend... I really need to try to stay calm when she's at home. I put a TON of effort into not stressing out when I went to see her at the e-vet, and she was so cute and actually seemed pretty excited about eating. It sucks because she'll be acting weird, and then it'll stress me out, and then she'll start acting MORE weird, and I'll stress out even more!! It's a vicious cycle. I think we feed off of each other to some extent.

Hopefully feliway will help, and maybe it'll be beneficial (for both me AND her) for me to take MY anti-anxiety meds a little more regularly.

Still waiting for the ultrasound/blood work results!
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Alrighty, I just talked to the vet. Everything looked good with the ultrasound. Her calcium level has gone down (it's still high, but lower than before). Her creatinine has gone up from 2.5 to 2.6, but her BUN is still normal, and so were the results of her urinalysis. She said Bailey's CBC looked good (I'm getting printouts of all the lab results when I pick her up). She's been eating regularly- not only did she eat some canned food, but she even ate some kibble! I still have to wait until next week for the parathyroid test results, but I guess they've basically covered everything that can be covered right now. Bailey's an enigma! Hopefully that test comes back normal. If it does, I guess I'll basically just have to keep an eye on her and wait, because they won't start doing more invasive testing unless it's absolutely necessary. I'll probably opt to redo her blood work in the very near future since her creatinine has been creeping up. Her dental has been canceled since Monday will just be too soon to traumatize her again. I asked the vet about Feliway, and she said it certainly wouldn't hurt to give it a shot. Plus, I'm gonna see if Bailey can manage with 2 doses of lactulose per day instead of 3, because I think 3 is just too much for her to handle emotionally.

Wow, the last couple of days have been AWFUL. I had a feeling that I was going to pay a billion dollars (I don't even know how much it is yet, but I don't even care) and they weren't going to be able to find out what was wrong with her. I'm still VERY glad I brought her in though. Even if I spent more than was necessary, I'm glad that we're further along in the process of elimination. Even if there ends up literally being nothing wrong with her, I'd rather be safe than sorry. I'd certainly PREFER that there be nothing seriously wrong with her, but peace of mind is very valuable. Plus, the vets who worked with her were awesome and were happy to answer my questions. They explained a ton of stuff to me without me even having to ask, and everyone was super nice when I called numerous times a day. The one who's been primarily working with her has been so nice and understanding and didn't make me feel like I was too high maintenance. I wish she could be her regular vet! It's nice that I'll be able to take her home feeling like everything that could be done at this point has been done, rather than having to wonder if I should've done more.

I want to thank all of you SO MUCH for your support and kind thoughts. I have to say, it made it easier to get through the past couple of days when I'd see the many replies that you gave. I'll post an update over the weekend (hopefully a positive one!). Please continue to keep Bailey in your thoughts, since I think she could still use some encouragement and positive vibes.

I can't thank all of you enough! I'm off to go pick her up now, YAY!!!!!

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Well all that we are hearing is good news, so breathe a sigh of relief. She's eating, which is fantastic! I would be reacting the same exact way you makes me laugh how you even use the same words I would use. I know it's easier said than done, but try not to stress yourself out over every little thing Bailey does this weekend. A few weeks ago my Mikey was sick for a coulpe of weeks and I analyzed every single thing he did. "Is he breathing too fast? He doesn't usually sit that way...he usually sits on the couch in the afternoons...his eyes look funny to me.." etc. I drove my husband NUTS.

So when you feel that anxiety trying to creep back into your gut, replay all the positive results the vet discussed with you.

Keep us posted!
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Have fun with your baby and I am glad you finally got a huge weight lifted off of your shoulders! I hope she remains healthy and happy!
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Hatzy, lol! That's really funny. I COMPLETELY understand. I'll be like, "Why is Bailey lying near the door? She never does that! Is she snoring? Do you hear that? Does she look fat? Skinny? Tired? Irritated? Has she peed? Pooped?!!????" All the while, I'm barely eating or drinking, and I have plenty of bad habits, but those don't seem to be of any importance if Bailey's acting strange. When I think of my friends and how their cats NEVER have issues, it's probably just because I'm completely obsessive and over-protective of Bailey, and my friends may just be slightly more rational than me. Although, I wouldn't say I'm irrational. I just over analyze things.
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JennyJen, I'm the exact same way with mine. Why is he laying that way, he never lays that way? Why isn't she upstairs, she always comes upstairs at this time. Oh no, the water bowl is still full, they're not drinking! Oh no, the water bowl is half empty, is that excessive thirst?!

I'm so glad to hear Bailey is eating
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OMG, you sound just like me! I'm soooooo glad to know I'm not alone ! It's like I start looking for problems that probably aren't even there. Keeps my vets on their toes, I guess .

JennyJen--I'm so glad to hear Bailey is doing a little better! Eating is always a step in the right direction......I hope she continues to improve!

Originally Posted by Misty8723 View Post
JennyJen, I'm the exact same way with mine. Why is he laying that way, he never lays that way? Why isn't she upstairs, she always comes upstairs at this time. Oh no, the water bowl is still full, they're not drinking! Oh no, the water bowl is half empty, is that excessive thirst?!

I'm so glad to hear Bailey is eating
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We all get paranoid when we think something MAY be wrong. I go into a spin when Wellington snores or sneezes (he is asthmatic). But it sounds as if Bailey is in incredibly good hands and you are lucky to have such good vets. I do hope they find the problem and that she continues to improve meanwhile.
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haha the past few posts are hilarious!

(should say that YAY for Bailey and keeping up the healing vibes)

I am laughing though...because I swear babies and pets are the SAME

Did they poop yet? If so was it too hard? Too soft?
Did they pee yet? Enough?
Do they have belly aches? Distention?
Are they tired? Overtired? Stressed?
Do they not like that food? Is that food ok for them?
Why is she acting that way? Hungry? Not hungry?
Why is she sitting over there and not HERE?

Oh. and both babies and cats like to do their 'business' RIGHT after you change a diaper/clean the litter.
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I do that paranoid "why is he...", or "that's strange..." . Hmm. It reminds me of Airplane (the movie). The lady sitting next to her husband in the plane, thinking "out loud". We can hear her thoughts, like "He never has a second cup of coffee at home". I can't remember the others, but it's funny.

I'm glad Bailey is eating and I hope she continues to improve.
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Originally Posted by Jpawz View Post
haha the past few posts are hilarious!

(should say that YAY for Bailey and keeping up the healing vibes)

I am laughing though...because I swear babies and pets are the SAME
Hilarious!! One of my close friends just had a baby 4 months ago, and I've said to him on multiple occasions, "Dude, having Bailey is seriously almost exactly like having a baby. The only difference is that Bailey doesn't puke DIRECTLY on me." Haha!! My friend's baby just started teething about a month ago, I think, so she's been drooling everywhere too (same with Bailey). What's funny is that I've never wanted kids, but I managed to get one anyway. It's okay though, because Bailey's still the most awesome cat, and I'd take her over a kid ANY day.

Bailey's been doing well since she got home. She ate a whole can of food between 6:00pm last night and about 2:00am, and she ate about 1/4 cup of dry food. Weee!! She's been SUPER cute too. She's been hanging out more (she's sleeping on the floor next to me right now... yes, I have to sit on the floor to use the computer since we don't have a computer desk ). They had to shave some of her belly when they gave her the ultrasound. She already licks a huge patch of hair off of her lower belly, but they had to shave some more. She's been licking the hair off since before I adopted her. The vets did a bunch of testing initially to find out if there was a reason why she did it. They didn't find anything and chalked it up to stress, but after almost 4 years, I'm convinced that she does it because she likes people rubbing it and jiggling it around. She's so funny. She has this big saggy skin pouch that hangs off of her, and she loves it if you kinda grab onto it and shake it. It kind of looks like an udder.

Here's a thread I just posted last night with pictures of Bailey. They're from before her vet visit. I have a bunch that I took last night, but I have to transfer them to my computer and am too lazy to do it right now because my boyfriend got me sick (go figure).
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