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Just wanted to say...

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I am trying my best to get geared up for this surgery tomorrow. It is now less than 24 hrs away... I have got alot going on today, got to get my daughter taken to my grandparents because they are keeping her for the rest of the week/ I can recover and not have to mess with a 3 y/o. Anyhoo-if Im not on for a while, this is why!! I am going to try and get back on tonite, before bed....otherwise it will be a few days(maybe, depending how I feel) So hope you all have a super day, rest of the week. I will be on as soon as I can I will miss you all for the time I am not on.
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You will do fine, and you will be back on TCS before you know it...try to come on and let us know how you are
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Good luck with your surgery. I am sending healthy positve vibes your way!
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Good luck w/ your surgury - I'm sure everything will be just fine!!
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You will be fine. Your face will be swollen (I looked like a chipmunk and it hurt to smile). I will be sending mega vibes your way. try to relax.
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aww, lots of mega positive (((((( vibes )))))) whizzing over to you I am sure you will be fine, which I know is easy to say

Let us know how you go, if you feel up to dropping in
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oh, good luck! sending good vibes! Be well!
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GOOD LUCK tommarrow

although I think its nothing and they actually had to cut my gums open and i had stitched where 3 out of 4 wisdom teeth were and well I was on the computer that night But luckily i didnt look like a chipmunk like every one said I would (hmm maybe surgery made it easy for me )

But U will do great and u will get on when u ffeel up to it And thats great that ur parents are giving u the full weekend to recover But I think u will be fine and im sending some vibes just in case


get better soon we will miss u on here
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Hope everything goes well!
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Welllllllllll todays the day!! Iam just wanting to get this DONE and over with. I dunno why I am such a chicken,lol. My thing is being put under I guess~I dont like it!! Anyhoo-will TRY and get on later today and update ya'all. But then again it may be tomorrow....

Have a good day my fellow kitty cat lovers! to all!!
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Sending you good luck vibes for your surgery!!
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we are all thinking of you

see you very soon
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You'll be ok. prayers and vibes comin your way.
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Wow I hope it is nothing to serious (don't get me wrong surgery is always serious)! Here is to a speedy recovery and hope to hear from you soon! Keep us posted on how you are doing! Im sending you some get well vibes! Oh my mistake you are having your wisdom teeth pulled! Its a breeze... I had all fours done at once two which were impacted and I was awake for the whole experience! Go home and nap after the procedure... Sleep is good!
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