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Home from the show.

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What a long weekend. We did very well at the show. We did not win any finals this time but we did place first and second in color a lot. Also in Division a few times. Alexis did wonderful. She placed for color in every ring. She was not scared at all. I am very happy about that. We have a new kitty in the house too. We have a beautiful boy bengal. I will have to put up some pictures.

I also have bad news. We hit a deer on the way home last night. Then to top it off I get home and find out our Boxer bit my mother in law. *sigh* I had to return him to the pound today. I was . I could not keep him with my small kids. He has also tired to bite me before but I was trying to work on that. I was not having any luck. My husband said he had to go after what happened this weekend. We just can not trust him with our kids(ages 1 and 2). So he is back at the pound. *sigh*

Here are some pictures of our new boy. I hope this will cheer me up.
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Alexis waiting to be judged.
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Lady Luck. Last one.
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I'm so glad both of your girls did so well at the show! I know how nervous you were about Alexis, so I'm especially happy to hear how well she did with the judges. Congratulations on your new boy!! He is gorgeous, and I'm sure will be a fine addition to your crew.

That's a real shame about your boxer and the deer. These things happen sometimes - on both counts. You have to look out for your family first, and obviously cannot have a biting dog around such small children.
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I'm glad to hear you and your kitties did well at the show. You sure do have some pretty kitties.

I'm sorry to hear about your pup. A dog like that cannot be trusted around children and I'm glad you did not take any chances. I do hope at the shelter they will be able to work with him in a training program to "save" him.
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I am so sad about our dog. I think they will work with him and see if he can be trained. If they can get him not to bite he is a wonderful dog. He is house broken and crate trained. He can be loving too. I miss him.

As for the deer he really messed up our car.

Yes I am very happy Alexis did so well. I was very worried about her. I think everyone wishing us luck helped. Thank you!
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Congratulations on doing so well at the show
Thanks for sharing pics of your new boy...he is gorgeous!
Sorry to hear about your boxer. I hope they can train him and stop the biting.
Bummer about hitting the deer. At least you are all ok though.
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Nicole...congrats on your success at the show! Your cats are absolutely beautiful!

I am so sorry to hear about your dog-dog though. I understand it is SO hard to part with a pet...but, I must tell you, you did the right thing.

My brother had a dog that was biting and he tried so hard to get the dog to stop. Well, unfortunately, before he had the dog "trained", he bit two of his children (7 & 9). The 9 year old boy was bitten on the face and still has the scar...about 3 years later. The 7 year old girl was bitten on the hand (trying to get the dog off of her brother) and needed stitches. The dog was removed from the house that day, but unfortunately too late for AJ and Stephanie. Thank God their injuries weren't any worse.

I know you miss your dog, but your children are much safer without the dog in the house.
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That is awful. I was afraid something like that might happen if we kept him. The shelter has said we may choose another dog for up to a year. I still keep looking for him. I really miss him but I know it is for the best. I am sorry about your brothers kids.
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Sorry you had to give Ceasar (that was his name wasnt it?) up. Are they going to try to adopt him out? I am sure they could probably work with him ... after all, look @ the previous home he came from.
Congrats on the show!
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I think they will try to see if he can be adopted out. I think they might take there time this time. We got him on Tuesday and he had just come in on Sunday. He was not there very long and adopted out. So I hope they work with him and don't just adopt him out. I think he would be good in a home with a single man. He will find a home if they adopt him out again. They are a no kill shelter. That is the best part.

How do you like my boy I picked up? He is very big. He was 7.5 pounds at 4 months.
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I am glad the girls did well and your new baby is a sweety! I am so sorry about your dog! My parents may have to put down the family dog due to agression in his old age and hip problems - I hope not. I can empathise with the pain of giving him to the pound!
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He is a handsome, gorgeous boy! What is this guy's name? I want another bengal, but hubby says no .... Oh well. I am happy with the 3 plus the 2 moggies that we have.
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He was named when I got him. His name is Attar. I just love him he has this squeaky meow. Such a squeaky meow for such a big kitty is what I tell him.

I went to the show and had not plan to bring any kitties home but my own. And then there he was. His breeder/owner said she was selling him. I thought about it and well here he is my beautiful boy and he is huge!! LOL He is the best!
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Will Attar be part of your breeding program? He is beautiful.

My boy, Trent, who is a pretty big kitty too, has this little teeny squeaky meow too. He sounds like such a wuss.
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Oh most definitely! He is our stud cat. She is such a stud to with that meow! :laughing: Attar sounds like a wuss too.
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What beautiful babies! Glad to hear you did well at the show. Of course I'm so sorry to hear about your MIL and the boxer.

There are SO many deer out here. We hit one last year. The deer was hurt but ran off. We notified the people who live around here so they could shoot it if need be - it had to have sustained substantial internal injuries. There was a LOT of damage to the front of the car.
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Thank you! My car is pretty bad IMO. I just can't stand seeing it that way. Here is a pic of it.
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another one
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Gizmo has a girly meow, I think, lol. Quite, though.... dont want him knowing that!:tounge2:
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I will not tell. It is so funny because Lady Luck has a manly meow. I think they need to change meows. Wouldn't that be something to see. LOL
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