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How do you treat oily skin?

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I have oily skin on my face and was wondering if anyone has any tips. Are there any products you would suggest? Thanks everyone.
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I've had oily skin and acne since about the 4th grade. I currently use neutragena's face wash (the orange kind....that's all that comes to mind at the moment.). I also use a toner and moisturizer for oily skin from ponds. And a sycilic based acne gel. I think from clean & clear.

In the past I've used proactiv and it worked great. Some cleaners just make me more oily or oily with peeling skin!

Edit: Ok I take which moisturizer i use back! I'm currently using a ponds toner, but will be going back to Neutragena's. I also use Neutragena's Oil Free moisturizer with spf15.
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I have really oily skin, mostly in the t-zone area, forhead nose and chin. Its been that way for years, as long as I can remeber. I have tried everything. the only thing that seems to work is moisturizer mad for oily skin. I learned a few years back that triing to stopp oil will dry you out causeing your face to produce more oil. Its a visious cycle. I have been using Dessert Essence Thoroughly Clean Face Wash and Natural Facial Cleansing Pads with Tea Tree Oil as my toner for about six months now. I have wet to find the moisturizer they make, I plan on just ordering it. Right now I use Clean and Clear Dual Action Moisturizer. The combo pplus and oil free mack up seems to be working beutifully. I can make it almost all day without having to blot the oil away.

Here is the link to Dessert Essence. Trader Jes carries it, I don't know about Whole Foods or Henrys. For the most part you will find it at Natural Food stores.
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I have always found that Clearasal (not sure if I spelled that right?!) always got rid of the few whitehead/pimples whenever they'd appear on my face.
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Karma's Mom is exactly right: if you scrub oily skin to death and use harsh, drying cleansers on it, you'll only trigger the production of more oil. Instead, you have to treat it gently and keep it lightly moisturized... and that tea tree oil product sounds good, I'll have to try that myself!

Another great product is Biore's pore-cleansing strips for the nose. You only use them once a month or so, and they seem to give you brand-new skin... just a great product.

Also... never put makeup on without moisturizer under it, to keep gunk out of your pores.

And as often as you can, go without makeup! Let your skin breathe!
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I use Eucerin Q-10 moisturizer, and while it feels heavy to the touch, it spreads really well (a lil' dab'l do ya! ), and in a couple of minutes, it is absorbed. My extremely oily skin hasn't been nearly as bad since I started using it. Someone (sorry, I can't remember who at the moment) makes some little blue "sheets" of some sort, that you can blot oil off your face, without disturbing your makeup- those work really well, too, and are usually in the makeup/face stuff section. I also like the results I've been getting from my mineral makeup- the "top coat" (or whatever it's called -lol) works well in controlling the oil.
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I'd recommend Clinique's skin care range for oily skin...facial soap, toner and moisturiser. I have oily skin and it so help keep the oil under control and enlarged pores to a minimum. Costs a bit though, but well worth it.

I also find a weekly facial scrub and mask help knock down the oil too.
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I have dry skin, but for some odd reason every year around autumn, I get oily skin. Anywho, I'm not sure why this works so well for me but it does:

1. Wash face well with a pore cleansing soap (I use Clinique 7 Day Scrub). Like the others said, don't scrub hard. I use light circular motions that allow me to feel the grains, but they don'thurt me.

2. Now for the weird part. After rinsing very well, I take a pea sized amount of mint toothpaste and lather it up in my hand. Then I apply it onto my face, and wait 10-20 seconds. You will feel tingling. Rinse very well. I do this whole thing in the shower, and save the toothpaste part for last.

3. When I get out of the shower, I dry my face lightly leaving it somewhat misty, but no visible drops. Then I apply Clinique Moisture Surge generously all over my face. When I'm done, my face feels wet again. I let it soak up for about 5 minutes, and when it's done it feels and looks amazing.

I swear by that Moisture Surge stuff. It moisturizes and tightens your skin without using any oils. I'm not sure what the toothpaste does, but when I was a teenager I used to model for Helly Hansen, and one of the other girls had skin problems so the make-up artist told her to try that. I don't know if it worked for her, but it works wonders for me.
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Originally Posted by minxie View Post
I'd recommend Clinique's skin care range for oily skin...facial soap, toner and moisturiser. I have oily skin and it so help keep the oil under control and enlarged pores to a minimum. Costs a bit though, but well worth it.

I also find a weekly facial scrub and mask help knock down the oil too.
Haha! You got to it before me. If there is one thing Clinique does right it's skin care.
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Just a thought to add..I wonder if you've tried a nice astringent toner? I have to avoid the stronger ones because they tend to dry out and irritate my skin, but I wonder if these would be just the thing for an oilier skin type?
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Originally Posted by Cairo View Post
Haha! You got to it before me. If there is one thing Clinique does right it's skin care.
Ah great! Im not the only Clinique nut here lol.

Whats great about Clinique is that you can go to the counters and ask for free samples to see if their products suit you (normally a good few days worth is given).
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I've recently discovered bye bye blemish lemon cleanser (I think it's quite new over here but it says made in USA). I use that in the mornings followed by clinique oil free moisturising gel. I agree with not using products that are too harsh as they can just stimulate more oil production. If you have oily skin you still need to moisturise as oil and moisture aren't the same thing - oily skin can still be dehydrated. Just use an oil free one. If your skin's very oily or you have a lot of acne murad products are good, imo.

You can get normalising oils that are supposed to help your skin learn to produce less oil (I think clarins do one) but I've never had the guts to try one properly - just can't bring myself to actually put oil on my oily skin!
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I use alot of Bonne Bell products because they dont test on animals and smell edible. I dont know if it's in America (they make Lipsmackers). Their papaya foaming facewash leaves my skin really nice. Also use an oil free moisturiser. During the day if my t-zone gets a bit shiny i use blotting sheets. For a few dollars you get 50 in a packet and they soak up all the oil really efficiantly. very good for when you're going to meet someone or for an interview and you don't want to look icky
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I have been using Proactive for a year now and my face is pretty much acne free now. (except that time of the month). I love Proactive. I have really oily skin only on my face. the rest of me is really dry.

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As far as I'm concerned, there's nothing beats a good mud mask once a week. Plus it's a good excuse to pamper yourself. It costs just a few cents in a pre-packed little sachet... and it feels good! Cheap and effective!

Oh yes, always do it on a night when DH is out.....
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This morning's daily maintenance routine reminded me of another product that you might find useful: St. Ives Medicated Apricot Scrub. You wouldn't want to use this unless your skin tends to get red and itchy, even flaky in spots... but if you have the same kind of trouble I do, this stuff is just excellent. The thing is, even though they call it a scrub, DON'T SCRUB! Just foam it up with water in your hands, smooth it on, and splash-rinse it off. Then moisturize like crazy!
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I am 45 years old and still have very oily skin on my face. I never use a moisturizer because I don't need too.

I use Biore Shine Control Foaming Cleanser on a very warm wet cloth morning and night.

In between during the day since I don't wear makeup, I tend to wipe away the building up oils with a tissue or a cloth and very warm water. When I'm at work I will use alcohol swabs and wipe them over my face too (avoiding the eyes...ouchy)

I've been very fortunate though. While I've had extremely oily skin all of my life, I have never had a problem with acne. As a teenager I would get the odd pimple, but usually only a few times a year. I used to use Clearasil Soap back then just because it helped keep the oils under control.

If you get acne, the worse thing you can do is to pick or squeeze the pimples. That will lead to skin damage and pock mark scarring. Best to let a pimple run it's course on it's own while treating it with cleansers, astringents and medication if necessary.
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