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Sometimes I cant stand people

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I wasn't sure if this post should go here or in the IMO section. Mods, please free free to move it if need be.

Somedays its tough working at the vets office. I get so angry at people...

This is the story of a cat named "garfield"

Today a woman brought in this sweet boy. He use to belong to her, but she had given him to her ex husband when they divorced. Last night he had called her and told her that garfield hadn't eatten in a week. So she went over there and picked garfield up so he could come in to be checked out today. I think she must have realized when she picked him up how bad it was.

Her ex husband had duct taped his leg. Why? I dont really know. All I know is that when he did, he cut off the circulation to garfields leg because he wrapped it SO tight. Garfields entire leg was stiff and full of infection. It had spread all the way up to his pelvis. He had also gone from weighing 17.5 pounds, to 9 pounds in the past year. Part of his front toe was ripped off and infected as well. His body was full of edema. He was in HORRIBLE pain. Even if we removed his leg, he probally wouldn't have made it for much longer. The vet suspected he had something else seriously wrong with him.

The poor woman was crying. She blamed herself for not taking Garfield with her when she left her sleezy ex husband. She knew what decision she had to make for Garfields sake.

I feel AWEFUL for that poor woman. And I have the greatest feeling of hate for the man. How could he have waited that long... It wasn't a matter of money. The woman was willing to pay for it. I assume he just didn't care or want to be bothered by it. And why would you duct tape a cats leg?

I dont understand it! How can people just not care? Thats why its hard working at a vets. Seeing the indifferance people have for there animals is hard for me. Seeing cases of obvious abuse and knowing that you cant do a thing about it... There should be some kind of exam you have to take before being allowed to own any animal...

Sometimes I just hate people for the terrible things they do....
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That is a heartbreaking story. I can't understand why the Ex just didn't let her have Garfield if he didn't want to take the time to take care of him. So, I'm assuming she had to let Garfield go the The Rainbow Bridge. Now, at least he's free from pain, and suffering.
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Oh, that is so sad! Poor baby. Could the husband have been torturing the cat to get back at his ex? I can't think of ANY reason to duct tape a cat's leg. Unless he was completely stupid and the cat got hurt and he thought duct tape was the answer. Sounds like a seriously sadistic person to me.

I can only imagine how hard it is to work in a vets office. But, just think of all the good you save their lives most of the time. And, you give them comfort in their last moments if their lives can't be saved. I don't think I could do what you do and I so admire you for it.

Why can't you report it? Can't you call the police or at least the humane society? Does he have any other animals? (I won't call them pets because if he treats them that way, they aren't pets to him.)
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I get the feeling the man tortured the cat. And probably broke the leg at some point in time - that's why he duct taped it. That's the only reason I can think of taping a leg up - if it was broke.

At least the poor kitty won't suffer any more.
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How awful..I can't beleive some people..what a jerk that guy is. Actually, jerk is an understatement.

That poor baby.
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I think your office or she should report him for animal abuse.
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That is awful!!!! Oh, that makes me so mad when stupidity breeds insanity!! Some people (like the ex) just are heartless and just plain STUPID!
I agree, I think that people should have to take an exam in order to own these incredible and loving animals. I also think that if a person abuses their pet that they deserve the same treatment in return. I think that's only fair. Afterall, these poor cats show incredible strength and character just by enduring endless pain and NOT being able to voice it. I hope he gets a huge fine for animal cruelty!
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Thats a VERY heartbreaking story!! Bless Garfields heart. Man if I were than woman I would ream that POS ex of hers! But of course, I would of NEVER left my cats with him in the first place......
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he should be charged with animal abuse, that's sick!
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I've been thinking about finding a part-time job, to ease my way back into working, and I thought being a receptionist at a vet's office would be fun. But then just today, it occurred to me that it would be difficult to deal with the suffering of the animals and the cruelty of some people.

Thank you for helping me decide against even trying that line of work. May Garfield rest in a happy place.
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Hope the ex roasts for eternity in the hottest section of Hades.
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I am so sorry to hear this, it must be a hard job at times. RIP little one.
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This was horrible to read. Duct tape a cat's leg? Jeez. . That man needs to be reported.

RIP sweet Garfield. Im so sorry for the pain inflicted on you. Rest well, out of pain, over the Rainbow Bridge.
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I feel the same way sometimes, I just hate stupid people. And I am not talking about not being smart like some kind of genius either. I just plain can't stand stupid people. I also don't like people who always feel sorry for themselves, but don't try to make things better either. Unless someone is trying to make it better for them. I deal with these kind of people all the time at the day care.

I think sometimes I need to go to some kind of anger management class.

RIP Garfield
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The problem with reporting him is that everything was under the wifes name. We have no info about the man. Its also difficult because the cat was brought in for medical treatment and its really hard to prove cases of abuse... so the only hope of that man getting what he deserves is if his ex wife takes things into her hands....

The saddest thing is, it happens fairly often.

About 1 month ago, we had a man bring in a BEAUTIFUL red husky. The story from the man was that the dog was chained up outside and in the middle of the night he heard the dog scream and ran out to see the dog not using one of its back legs. The story from the woman he was with was that... the dog was chained up outside. They hadn't checked on him in a couple of DAYS and came out to see the chain wrapped around his leg.

The dog had nerve damage from having the chain around his leg for a while. The dog also turned out to have heartworms. The said they didn't have much money so we sent them home with some steroids, hoping that it wasn't permanant nerve damage. They were suppose to come back in a week for us to recheck the leg.... We haven't seen them since. The dog more then likely needs a leg amputation and to be neutered and treated for heartworms...
He is probally still chained up in there back yard.
A "concerned neighbor" has reported them to animal services.
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Oh my god, poor little cat. If you don't know how to look after animals then you shouldn't have them!!!

I feel so cr*p now
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I just can't understand why someone could do this to an animal. Poor little cat.

Rest in peace Garfield..
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And people want to know why I like animals more then people!
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Originally Posted by CATTYBIRD View Post
And people want to know why I like animals more then people!
That was exactly what I was thinking!
RIP Garfield!
I'm so sorry that an idiot made your life so miserable!
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Originally Posted by CATTYBIRD View Post
And people want to know why I like animals more then people!
People suck!! Takes everything in me not to smack them sometimes.
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This is awful and unfortunately once she removed the cat from the Ex's house it became a he said she said situation. At the point she saw the cat she should have made an excuse to go to the bathroom or her car and called the Animal officer in that area. 911 would have connected her to them. It is a very hard decission to make when you have to leave the cat as it is. It is our strongest desire to get them to proper help as fast as possible. Unfortunately doing so does not sound like it will help save the cat and the abuser will now get away with it. If the cat was part of a divorce settlement ownership should have been transfered to the ex. No matter the owner of record animal officers charge the person in whose charge the abused animal is in.
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OMG! That poor kitty. I hope the woman goes back to the ex and breaks his leg, binds it with duct tape and takes his car keys so he can't go anywhere without walking.
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poor little Garfield. R.I.P

Some people are just like that.The other day on the news a horse had to be put to sleep as yobs slashed it with a huge knife and left it to die and also a horse had been neglected by it's owners, so they just left it in a field. One day it fell into a ditch and broke it's leg and couldn't get out. It died there, in that ditch, and it's body was found infested with maggots.

Sorry if you're eating right now, but I just wanted to post that and to show you how much I hate people who abuse animals too, it reeeeally annoys me.
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The last foster I had came from a hoarder. He was a 1/2 pound beautiful little kitten. The woman thought he had worms. (I think she was a little mentally slow) They weren't worms, they were maggots. Half og the skin on his tail was missing. He had a hole next to his anus that was infested with them. There were probally about 100 maggots in total. He also was anemic from fleas, had coccidia, and a URI. She couldn't afford treatment so she surrendered him to us.

The following week she brought in 2 more kittens with URIs. They had maggots crawling on them, but had no wounds. That means that there was something dead or dying near where they were. She kept them outside in a dog crate. She surrendered them both to us as well. Unfortunatly, one of them didn't make it. She was so sick from the aneima, URI, and coccidia.

She did have animal services come out to her property. She refused to allow them in her house. They did manage to convice her to surrender 8 animals. 2 had to be put down because of the condition they were in.

This is just at the clinic I work at. Can you imagine how many animals are suffering like this? Thats why I can't stand people sometimes. The things they do to animals and other people disgusts me.... I just wish they could have the same torture inflicted on them, so maybe they would realize what they have done.
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I totally agree with Shorty14788, people should have the same done to them what they have done to their animals
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Originally Posted by catsRNmom View Post
I think your office or she should report him for animal abuse.

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