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What is you're firstborn like?

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I got to thinking today, what is you're "firstborn" like? I mean, the first cat you had in you're household, either now or you're very first cat.

For me, it's Twitch. She's very aloof. You can pet her, but she runs the house. If she wants you're seat, you move. Nobody messes with Her Royal Highness! Even the 50 & 100 lb dogs run from her when she's mad. She has this blood curdling scream.
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Oh yes! that would be our (17 year old) Tigger. She rules the house with an iron paw! All dogs, cats, and people better just know who's the boss. And she's a tortie to boot!
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My very first cat was (RB) Pickles. Such a little gray girl who acted like a Princess. She'd sleep in my hair every night, steal any junk food I had (cept chocolate). She acted like she ruled the house when she only really ruled my bedroom. She gave me my love of animals by just being herself.
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My verrrry first cat, Kacy, was just like that- but she only really liked my mom; she spent a lot of time hiding from me and my little sister. But I was really really little, so I have a hard time remembering her. I think she was probably hiding from us- we were a little wild when we were together and only 5 and 4
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The very firstborn in my cattery is Dodo . I've posted her pic many a time in Fur Pics. Absolutely lovely, poor color but a CFA champion none the less - going for Grand this June
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The first cat I ever had was given to me by my ex fiance who was an abusive jerk.

The kitten was only about 8 weeks old or so and terrified. He didn't have a carrier or anything so let the can run around free in the car as he drove and apparently the kitten was terrified and hid under the seat of the car. He told me that he had to use the crowbar to poke the cat in order to get her out from under the seat. I was livid when I heard that

The poor thing was totally traumatized by the time she got to me and was terrified of her own shadow. It was almost 2 weeks before she tentatively came out from her hiding place when I was home, but she wouldn't let me touch her. She never came out from hiding when my ex was home. I named her "Shadow." She was a gorgeous fluffy grey tabby.

We moved a couple months after that, and I didn't have a say as to where we were moving and the place wouldn't allow animals, so I had to give her away My ex found a home with some customer of his who had a Doberman whom had never been around cats before

I often wonder what happened to that poor kitten. She sure had a bad start in life
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Well my very first cat that was mine other than anyone else in the family, was Boo! My mom seen someone actually throw her out of a moving car so of course my mom took her in, and we basicually grew up together!

But I remember this time, she used to scare me for some reason and she would knock at my door at night until i let her in, so I did and she was my best friend. She was however wicked so to speak well to every one else she would sit that the top of the stairs and nail my mom when she would walk past her. But she was my cuddler and loved to be where I was. I guess it was boo who turned me onto kitties lol!

I went through alot with boo who was diagnoised a few years later with Feline Lukemia, and the vet wanted us to put her down and we of course said no, she was her self and seemed happy. And she lived a good couple of years after that! When she did pass tho she waited for me to get home from school and then 5 mins later !
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Tiger is our "first born" but not my first cat. He has the personality of a stoned 17yr old boy He's very laid back and could care less what's going on around him as long as he gets his wet food
He lays on top of the cat condo almost all day. Although he's so laid back, the brats and Jake are scared to death of him when he's in a bad mood.
He's best friends with Jake (the dog). They'll chase each other around. Tiger will bat at Jake's tail and then he'll let Jake bit his head Strange relationship
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My very first cat was Accident..I found him out in the snow and cold when I was about 7yrs old, and he was freezing, so I put him under my coat and carried him home (about 6 houses away), and hid him in my garage for a few hours before I got the nerve to tell my parents what I had found. We brought him inside, warmed and nursed him to health and he became our kitty. He was a grey and black long haired tabby with the biggest fluffy tail. I named him Accident, because I found him on "accident". He lived to be about 14yrs old and died of CRF. He was my kitty and followed me wherever I went in the house.
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Phenom is my oldest. She is very stuck up. She loves me and her dad only. She only lay on me and having a younger sister is NOT her favorite thing!
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The first cat I ever had was named OnRay. He was a black and white cat and was my baby. Back then we didn't spay or neuter. So he spent his nights outside catting around. He was the boss of the neighborhood and you'd often hear him getting into a few scuffs with other toms. He'd come back home everyday for food and some lovin. He'd stretch out with his belly up in my arms and fall asleep like that. As a matter of fact my mother still has a picture of both of us asleep and he's laying across my lap with his belly up.

He ended up getting sick and died.
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I grew up with many cats, but the first cat I considered my own was named Patches. I would put him in a baby stroller and push him all around the yard. He didn't mind a lot of things.....

Summer was Scott and I's first cat. She was also the first pet of Scott. She's a very sweet girl, and is very laidback for a female. She absolutely loves to have her belly scatched, lay on your lap, play, and watch and listen to the robins outside our livingroom window every morning. She loves to sleep on her back with all 4 paws in the air and likes to rest on her belly with one front paw stuck out, and one tucked underneath her. She's VERY unique.
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raven and nabu are both my "first cat". i was in college, had finally gotten an apartment that allowed kitties. and i was looking for "a" cat. well you know how it is when you go looking for cats. yep, i got 2. my only requirement was that the cat i adopted needed to be fixed already (it was very expensive to fix cats in that city & i was a broke college student). raven and nabu are littermates, too.

raven and nabu are very friendly. VOCAL. i'm pretty sure they are part siamese. raven even has a kink in his tail. overall they are pretty fun cats. very outgoing, will tell you what they think even if you don't want to know. raven was a retriever when he was younger. now he just totes his favorite puffball around with him. sometimes offers it at the front door so i will come home early. nabu doesn't really play. if he does, he bats at something a couple times then loses interest. nabu also figured out 2 different kind of child safety locks. he hasn't figured out the ones we have now...yet. and they are VERY fussy about their food. this recall business hasn't been fun.
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Zissou is my firstling!

She is very adaptable and happy about most things. She gets jealous though if she thinks I am not spending enough energy on her-- a true only child

She is attached to me but pretends not to be. She HAS to be in the same room with me but won't act like it, always that she just so happened to be coming in whatever room for a nap. Silly girl!

She isn't super affectionate, but she also doesn't mind being picked up, so it evens out!
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I keep wanting to post here, but I can't bear thinking about my first kitten. Her name was Whizzie, after a cat my mom had when she was a kid. She was hit by a car while I was at Girl Scout daycamp. She was a grey tabby, the sweetest little girl in the world.
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Our "firstborn" is Tailer. (Harvey's actually the oldest, but we got Tailer first.) He's the most loving one of the three, and always has to be where we are. In fact, he gets somewhat upset if DH and I are in different rooms because he can't keep an eye on both of us at the same time. He's not at all interested in any of the dominance battles that Harvey and Forest have going on...he's going to do his own thing regardless of who thinks who's in charge. (Besides, he was raised by a rabbit and doesn't really get the whole cat society thing.) He's also my naughty boy...he figured out a long time ago that we weren't going to do anything heinous to him no matter what he did, so he's willing to take whatever he has coming for doing things he knows he shouldn't.
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That would be my little Velvet! She is my BABY!!!! Her and I just have this awesome bond together, i can't explaine it. I love my little Velvet!!!!! I can't WAIT to bring her to her new home with us soon!! (i'm moving velvet, isabella, and jasmine into colin's house soon). She RULES the house- she is the little monarch and each and every other animal there respects that and is good to her. (when they're not, she bops them upside the head and meooooooooooooows at them) She sleeps where i sleep, she goes where i go. She also walks on a leash much better than any dog i've ever seen She knows her name and will come when you call her . She is extremly picky when it comes to food too She spends the majority of her day sleeping in her kitty bed and sun bathing
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With my current cats (I've had a lot of cats!), Petunia is my "firstborn". I am the only person that she likes and she is very affectionate with me. Her personality changed after she was spayed and now she is very anti social--except with me. I don't know if it was the pain that she was in or if it really was the ex's fault (long story short- he caught her peeing in the living room, yelled at her, and went to pick her up and then she was anti social. I still think he might have tried to hit her , but he says no.) She is a wonderful cat even with her antisocial personality!
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Easy is my "first born" with the kitties I have now. She DEFINITELY rules the house. She is a moody little Queen, too, with the others, but with me, shes a doll baby. She would let me carry her everywhere I go, if I could. She gives me these tiny, soft, sweet kitty kisses, she nurses on my ear every day, she puts her hands on my legs for me to lean down and pick her up.

With the kitties, sometimes shes laying right in the middle of them grooming them and laying all cuddly and then all of the sudden she is through with all of them and if they dont leave her alone, she will slap, hiss and growl until they go. They all totally do exactly what she says ....... awwwwwww they love her so much, too.
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Inky was my firstborn. I got him back in 1964 and had him until he died, seventeen years later.
Inky was a black shorthair. I think he was part Siamese.
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Oh my, the first cat I ever had was an awful cat His name was Oliver, and he was from a barn..

He would make a point of climbing up skin with his claws..all the time. He loved to climb up bare skin...ouuuuuch!
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Flash was my very first cat, a torbie who was born in 1985 and left us in 1999. She was a very loving cat, she loved to suck on peoples shirts. She was an indoor/outdoor cat that actually lived to be fourteen. She was our last indoor/outdoor cat but what a hunter she was! She killed all the canaries on our block.
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My FIRST cat was named Rain (last name Cloud, ) but he was only with me for two weeks. When I adopted him, he was 4 months old, about 4 lbs. Two days later the sneezing started, and the next day he stopped eating. I took him to the vet at least three times in that two week period, but he didn't make it. I found out after he passed away (I had come home from work to find him gone, under my dining room the sun). I cried all the way to the vet's office, with him in a box so they could cremate him (I lived in an apartment, so couldn't bury him). I think the vet bills totaled over $500. The vet suspected feline distemper. Two days after he passed away, a local paper released a story about the humane society having an outbreak of feline distemper (I really don't know the actual term), and had known about it for months. I was LIVID that they didn't WARN anyone about it!! (I know they knew about it because they were saying, when I was adopting him, that they've stopped requiring the cats be neutered before being adopted because at that age they have a weakened immune system. But that it was only temporary.)

I called and they refunded my adoption fee. I still miss him though.

Right now, Scotty is the "firstborn." He never met his brother. I wanted an older cat with an established immune system (I didn't want to lose another kitty, even though I completely disinfected the apartment). Yeah, they said Scotty was a year old, at about 6lbs. OMG, he's at 15lbs now! lol He was just a 6 month old kitten. I got him from a shelter in the next county. I don't trust our local shelter anymore.
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