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Cuddles is in labor, babies are COMING!

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Not too much to report.. sister noticed that she was in her basket for once.. then I checked on her and sure enough, she is pushing.

Babies are one their way!
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ohmy, ohmy, OHMY!!!!

come on cuddles - we are all thinking of you darling

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She's had one.

but it's horrible news..... the kitten is so deformed that it doens't even really look like a kitten.... i don't know what to do now.....
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There is nothing you can do. Just make this little kitten confortable until it dies and rub him or her. At least, I would have been loved more than some humans, even in his brief existence.

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oh darl, I am so sorry. I have absolutely no advise to give you I have sent gayef a message on yahoo IM though to see if she is around. I will also pm her and direct her to this thread so that she can come on here as soon as she can.

Chin up, your doing a great job... hopefully someone with some advise will be along shortly. Until then, I can be here for as much support as I can offer
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Thanks guys... here is a picture of just his face.. his body is too deformed, I don't want anyone to have to see it.

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Sarah I am so sorry! There isn't a whole lot to be done....unfortunately. for the rest of the babies!
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So sorry about the first little one. My heart goes out to you and the little one.

Good vibes coming Cuddles' way so the rest of the births go ok and the kittens are healthy.
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I am so sorry, Give the baby some love rubs from me. I am really so sorry. sending Prayers for sweet baby and Cuddles. God will take care of his baby. Good vibes coming your way for the rest. hope all goes smooth.
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Oh honey, how horrible! Unfortunately, the best we can do is to provide a quick and humane ending for these types of little ones if they linger on. Do you have a 24 hour vet on standby if you need him? Hopefully, this little guy is not indicative of the rest of the litter and that the ones to come are healthy and happy.
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oh im so sorry to hear about this poor little baby.

I hope you and momma are ok and things are going well for you both now.

Keep us updated when you can

x x x x xx x
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I am so sorry to hear about the little one

Is there any new update ? Any more kittens...hopefully the others come out healthy I am sending many good birthing and healthy kitten vibes ur way Please keep us updated
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oh im so sorry to hear that , sending vibes that the rest are healthy. im afraid that if the kitten is badly deformed then it will not survie very long , sending lots or hugs to you , mum and this little baby x
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He was the only kitten born.

i palpated her belly and cannot feel anything else in there. probably better off that way
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I am so sorry
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Are you sure there's no others in there? I just ask because I have no clue about that and had to get the vet to check if there were any still there. Labour can take a you definitely sure its over?

A huge hug to Cuddles...and you. Im so sorry about the little kitty
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Oh, how sad!!!

So sorry to hear about the single special-needs kitten. Unfortunately, there's a reason for everything...perhaps this was nature's way of telling us that this wasn't Cuddle's time to be a momma at this moment.

I'm so sorry!
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Yep, I think thats it. I pushed her tummy all over and cannot feel a thing, it's all squishy in there.

She is running around acting like her normal self now.. other than she is looking for the now passed on baby.
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aw im glad mum is doing ok despit whats happend , she will look for a few days and meow a bit , but she will get back to her old self soon. RIP little one have fun over the bridge. hope your holding up aswell , i know how heart breaking it can be .
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Aww Leto this is so sad. I'm glad to hear Cuddles seems normal. Bless her heart the poor little lady's been through a lot.
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She's doing okay... back to rolling around and sunbathing herself this afternoon.

Seems like she's taking it much better than I am.
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Leto86- my heart goes out to you. I know it must be difficult for you.

But Ive just seen your gorgeous sig...all those lovely cats. Im hoping that with their love, including Cuddles, and with the support of your family both at home and on TCS (e.g. us!), the distress of what you have had to go through will ease.

You should pat yourself on the back for being such a caring meowmy.
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Oh, I'm so sorry to hear this. RIP little one.
And ((((((((hugs))))))))) to you.
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Poor baby.
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I am so sorry,I too went through the same thing last year,The baby was not deformed,It was very week and not latching,I had a suppulment,I kept it alive for 7 days then it died in my arms.

Rest well little one!
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oh my just coming to this -been away over the weekend -I am sorry to hear about the little fella

Seems like moma has settled give her some gentle tummy runs for us - how she doing today ?
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