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~2 NEW Arrivals...but they arent cats~

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~Well as most of you know I do rescue work and have off and on for several years. I havent had any dogs since end of December because there hasnt been a big need for BULLY rescue which is what I specialize in. I got a call this morning to drive 4 hours from Indiana to TN to pick up 2 BULLY breed pups. I wasnt told much on them until I arrived. They are 2 female 6 week old English Mastiff/Boxer mix puppies. They are sooo adorable. I just took a couple pics to show everyone. We have named them Athena and Venus. They look identical except they both have a small amount of white on chest that differs and one is a tad big larger than the other. They are 6 weeks old. Tell me how hard it will be to give these girls UP when the time comes haha! Abby LOVES them. The cats see them at FUTURE play things!

I wonder what these girls will look like full grown being as though they arent full blooded Mastiffs. They dont look much like a Boxer right now...wonder if that will change.
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They are so adorable.......I would have a huge problem trying to let those 2 go.

Well done you for helping them when they need it
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I dunno what they'll look like when they grow up, but I've come to love Mastiffs. There's a Lab/Mastiff mix female at the shelter here. Loves me...I must admit, the feelings mutual!

Those two are cute...I can see Boser in the coloring, maybe? They sure look like Mastiffs, though, don't they?
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OMG... I think I'm in love! If we had a house I'd ask where in So. IN you are so I could come get one of them. Sadly, we don't have the room for a ouooy just yet.
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Awww just look at the cute little babies!

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They are gorgeous!!! Congrats to you for helping these little guys out! What are their names?
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Do you know how much they weigh already?
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Aww, they are so precious!
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aww they are gorgeous well done for fostering them.
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o my they are GORGEOUS It will be so hard to give them back, thats for sure They are just such cuties
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Awww, they are so adorable!
And kudos from rescuing!
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Wow, could they be any cuter?!?
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They are beautiful! I miss having a dog! Have fun with your babies!
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They're so cute. I don't think I'd give them up, if I were you. I'd keep them or at least one of them.
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~I wish they had already had NAMES when I got them. Its make it so much more personal when I have to name them. Or ya know maybe if they came to me as "Sue and Norma" or some not so cute name. Me and the kids thought about it and named them Athena and Venus.~

~I have not had them weighed yet but they will be going to the vet very soon to get shots etc done so Ill know then. They are VERY heavy believe me. I had to carry them UPSTAIRS, then I forgot something and I went BACK downstairs with both girls in my arms and whew I was EXAUSTED! I layed across the bed for a couple minutes and they just snuggled up by me like "Yea mom that sure was hard work....for you haha
" I have a bad back so these girls really put me to the test with it today. They are small and young so I want to PICK them up alot yet they weigh so much! They are SOLID in weight. Abby is a chunk at 11 lbs but these girls are definatly more than her weight.~

Ive never had a Mastiff but I looked up some pics and they look pretty much like all the pics Ive seen except they arent as blocky headed as some of them and not alot of loose wrinkly skin but they are soooo soft. Their hair is dont know umm but its pretty darn sweet feeling! I can imagine how fast these girls will grow! Wont be little rolley polley olleys for long I bet. I have a small fenced back yard which is completely brick patio with only a couple small patches of grass and flower beds. I dont want to even THINK about the size of umm "POO" Ill be cleaning up very shortly! I have fostered Great Danes and St Bernards and let me tell you it was like running behind a grown man trying to clean up poo! lol~

~Ill get better pics as they get settled in. They were shy at first. They were taken from a woman who was breeding Mastiffs with all sorts of other breeds and selling them for big $$$. The dogs were in VERY aweful living situations. They were kept in crates in an empty trailor next to the womans home. They are not lacking in weight at all though. She must have fed them good. With all the breeds this woman had no telling what they are mixed with other than Mastiff. One thing for sure is they are part Mastiff because mom was taken too.~

~Yup I can see it wanting to give up these 2 precious babies...then about a year down the line I can be on here posting how my 150 lb dogs have taken control of the house haha~
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OMG!!! I just want to scoop them up and cuddle them!!!

From my own experience with dogs, I have noticed that what a dog looks like as a puppy doesn't really change all that much as they grow. They lose that "puppy" face, but they don't drastically change. I don't think those dogs are going to look anything like a bull dog in the face. Perhaps in the stockiness of the body, but not the face.
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They're beautiful! I do see your problem...
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Oh no! You should of warned us first!! Those pups are sooooo incredibly precious. How in the world are ya ever going to let them go??
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~Just browing ads with Mastiffs and came across Mastiff/Great Dane mix pups that look ALOT like my girls.

What is your opinions of what my girls are mixed with?

In that last pic look at Athena's wrinkly butt haha they are so sweet and quiet! I dout that will last 2 long haha!

I just hope they stay sweet and lovable. Without knowing exactly what they are really mixed with its hard to tell. Do they look more like Mastiff mixed with another breed? Has anybody seen any pups that resemble them and know what they were? I wish they wouldnt get TOO big! They arent all that TALL just stocky and wide.
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Aw, they're total cuties no matter what their heritage. And raising them right will go a looong way to ensure that these girls will be nice as adults.
Is that poor Abby that they're sitting on?
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~haha I agree the UPBRINGING has alot to do with how a dog will be grown but you cannot deny blood either. It does play a part in how a dog is and what they were bred for. I work with RISKY breeds proving every day that they are MORE than a breed name but you still have to take into consideration what certain breeds were bred to do and their drive can sometimes be alittle overwhelming for some people.~

~I just want these girls to be happy, healthy fantastic big girls! They are SUPER shy right now and I can imagine they havent had much handling so all the love and attention should really turn these babies around. Im sooo excited to start with these girls. Im going to start training with the girls very soon and as attentive as they are Im sure it will be a breeze~

PS no Abbys were injured or layed on in the pictures above haha! She loves the new pups. They are actually laying on a sweet gift I got Abby a few weeks ago. Its a SMALL FAKE Bear Skin Rug. Abby LOVES the one at my grandfathers house so I bought her a miniature FAUX Bear Skin Rug!
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