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Catarina; Sing on, Girl! Do you remember "Just Walk Away, Renee" by the Left Bank? I still have that album. A friend of mine and I in 1968 once played it over and over until we memorized the words and I know them to this day. (wish I didn't, but they just won't go away-not unlike Renee) Also, as stupid as this may seem I still know how to sing "Sukiaki" in Japaneese. I would be a show stopper at a Tokyo Karioke club.
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How's it coming along? I read in another thread that you only have 2 more rooms to paint before you can start moving stuff in. that must make you feel great! the colors you chose sound beautiful. I really wish I could get that creative at my place. :jarswim:
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Thanks for your concern. It's coming along. Living room and kitchen are left to paint. I am starting to stress about getting it all done in time. Plus, let's not even talk about the exhaustion!!! Let's just say I'm burning the candle on both ends and running low on wick. The colors were a gamble, but I am satisfied. Now I'm kind of in the stage where everything I touch breaks. Today I had to buy a new light fixture for the bathroom (broke during painting) and a curtain rod for the bedrrom valance (stepped on and bent). I am longing for the day when I can veg out in front of the tv. I don't think I've even turned it on for over a week! By the time I even get here to post, I'm falling asleep at the keyboard! That's the big update. I'm off to paint!
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When it's all said and done, it will be well worth it. You did it all by yourself and it's a big part of you now!! I am very excited for you.
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I don't know how you are doing it. I can only imagine how exhausted you are. you are going to feel such a huge sense of accomplishment when it's all done.

I am a walking disaster area so I can totally relate to everything falling apart around you. my boyfriend will hear something crash in the kitchen and he will yell 'what has my little bull in a china shop done now?' bless his heart.
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Dear Darlene,

I have no idea why I never got that posting...YES YES YES, of course I do...those were the days for music I don't care what anyone says!!! Harmony was so tight! Walking harmony too! How about, one of my very favorites "California Dreamin' by the Mommas & the Pappas...oh I could go on forever...fun songs like: Manfred Mann..Do Wah Diddy Diddy..lol Tommy James and the Shondells..Hanky Panky, Lemon Pipers..Do You Believe in Majic...wow...I'll stop I'm driving myself wacko....not a long drive.

Love :
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Catarina: We needd t get together some summer evening with a good bottle of wine or a tall glass of lemonade and sing along to old songs. Of course, we will have to pass out ear plugs to the neighbors, but let them be forewarned. . . . . . One of my cats loves Beach Boys songs and Jan and Dean and she dances and meows when I sing. She would have a great time. . . :mm:

I loved the Mommas & Poppas and don't forget Fleetwood Mac. . . . . . . .
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how's it coming along? I hope you get a chance to just sit and relax this weekend!
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The painting is done!!!!! Ok, well, uh, almost done. I have to paint some doors and rehang them. I think I'll get them painted tomorrow and rehang after the furniture is in.

The cable guy comes Tuesday, which will put me in contact with the real world.

I will begin moving small stuff over tomorrow. I think I will be ready to truck the furniture over next Saturday!

This has been a long arduous process, but you were right, I have a gigantic sense of satisfaction.

I can actually see the end in sight! I will keep hanging in there and hope that the stuff I ordered from Earthlink arrives this week so I don't have to go any time without internet access.

Whoo hoo!
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Yesss, glad to hear the house is alllmost there!!!I am a fairly new poster and I read your entire thread-----what a saga...Good Luck on the decorating...and endless good vibes for the move next week!!!
DebbieA and the Kids...Tai-Tai, Zoe, and Baby..
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Dear Deb

Sorry, for using this post to blab on about the music thing...but it's a passion I'm sure you all understand...Hey, so you're seeing the light at the end of the tunnel? LOL...God Bless YOU...I don't know how you do it. You're such a hard worker. Me, I'm lazy...my time in at work...the gym and I'm nite nite...LOL Please post some pics!!!!

Later Babe...Love,
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Don't worry about it. That's what I like about the posts here. If something sparks conversation, the topic just goes that way.

Believe me, I am NOT usually this motivated. I think fear plays a big role! BTW, you don't have to worry about bringing the toolbox, just come and visit. If those kitchen cabinets haven't fallen off the wall completely by September, I'll be truly amazed!
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Deb; I meant what I said about making you something for a house-warming. You let me know what your colors are when you finish the move and I will send a silk swag or wreath or arrangement to help decorate, or just to fill up the wall space. I remember when I moved into my first house; I was overcome by how much blank space I felt I had to fill. Unlike living in a cramped apartment or row house. . . . . .:jarswim:
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LOL. This house isn't much bigger than an apt., and I certainly do appreciate your offer. My main color is hunter green, also navy and burgandy. I have a lot of that color in accent-type stuff. A wreath would be simply mah-ve-lous! Thank you ever so much!!!
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Dear Deb

I'll bring it anyway just in case, you'd be shocked at the tricks up my sleeve... We can always work on something else if you'd like or we'll see about those cabinets...trust me...I can put them back on the wall if they're that bad! Which I have a feeling....
There's nothing better than free anything!

Love &
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Originally posted by airprincess
'what has my little bull in a china shop done now?' bless his heart.
Dear Airprincess

I can't believe my eyes...are you saying you're a clutz? :laughing: My x used to call me his "beautiful trainwreck!" :laughing: I am the worse!

Love &
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Deb....glad to hear everything is going well with the new house!
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I trip when I walk over linoleum! I knock stuff over all of the time and I've fallen down the last 3 steps of my stairs TWICE in the last 3 weeks. the first time I hit the floor w/my entire body & felt light headed afterwards, the second time I landed on my feet, twisted my knee & was in pain for 4 days. both times it was night & I was rushing down stairs.


so this is the weekend you move in....I do not envy you! one my least favorite things to do!
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Dear Airprincess

I'm not so sure that I can beat that in one day, but I'm runnin' a close second! Wow....you are a bonifide clutz! MY long lost sister!!!!! :laughing:

Love &
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Thanks for reminding me. :confused2:

I have been moving lotes of small stuff over since Sunday and putting it right way. Things are shaping up. Had the cable guy in today. I'm actually more worried about catching up at work now, so I must be on the downward end of this journey!
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Dear Deb,

Isn't it cool to say "my house"!!! Well, you're almost done and we've witnessed a lot of hard work through your eyes. I definitely know what it's like...right now my home's in shambles from renovations...still not completed. rrrrrrrr.... I will get them done "someday"! Anyway, I'm very happy that you're seeing the light at the end of the tunnel...I guess my best advise about owning a home (since I am a carpenter)...always, always never get behind on anything...it'll really sting ya when something does come up. Just try to keep the walls painted nice...that sort of thing...roofs, blah, blah, blah...lol...You'll be fine...that's just a little tip
Take care & Love YA!
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