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Congradulations on the new house Deb25!!

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Congradulations on closing! what a bummer though that the person who sold it to you didn't clean up after herself. that is inconsideration at it's finest. You've got some hard work ahead of you but it won't be long until you've truely made it 'your' house. I bought my townhouse 2 years this november. I still get excited everytime i hang a picture, put out a candle or add some homey touch. I bought a book called Home Decorating for Dummies & it really helped me with low cost, creative ideas. I'm not the kind of person who thinks of this things on me own so I needed the help.
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Thanks, Airprincess!

I am excited, but currently completely overwhelmed by the sheer amount of work to be done. After my exam this morning, I am heading over with trash cans, rubber gloves, and cleaning supplies. I am going to take one room at a time, and just start pitching stuff OUT!!! If I can get down to "garage sale only" stuff by next weekend, that will be an accomplishment. I'm no decorator, but some of her junk is tacky! I just keep saying, "This will all be worth it. This will all be worth it..."
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Deb25; Maybe you will find a left behind treasure that you can parlay into needed cash via your yardsale. That will make all the junk sorting worthwile. I remember years ago when my sister bought her house where we now live from a 90 yr. old widow woman who I don't think had cleaned house for over 50 yrs. Good luck!
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There are some things there that could be worth something. We'll see what sort of price I can get. One thing is a set of spoons all engraved with each of the presidents. My friend seems to think they are worth some money.
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Congrats on the new house! I hope you'll spend lots of happy years there! In no time, this cleaning ordeal will be forgotten and you can concentrate on making this the house of your dreams!
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Deb25.. I am sure all the work is going to be worth it in the end. When it's all done you can call it your very own and do what you want with it. I am sure I missed the story somewhere, but why was it left with all that stuff in it?
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The former owner is in her late 40s and getting married for the first time. She will be moving into the husband's fully furnished house. That makes me understand leaving the furniture, but all of the personal items too? If some of this stuff didn't mean anything to her, then why was she hanging on to it to begin with?
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that is pretty bizarre that she would leave personal effects behind. It probably boils down to laziness more than anything else. not wanting anything bad enough to go to the trouble of packing it up.

like 3LC said, hopefully there is some stuff there that makes it worthwhile.
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We'll see. Things are shaping up after today. Kitchen is cleaned for the most part. Ex-boyfriend installed my special pet door today. The relationship may not have worked out, but he's a sucker for the cats (can't be all bad, can he?). My stepmother came down and outdid herself weeding through all the trash and junk in the garage. I may just pull this thing off yet!
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Every little thing is a small victory until it all comes together to become a BIG victory.

sounds like you are making progress very quickly. are you moved in as in you have given up possession of your last place or going back and forth & still spending the night in the last place? I know you said earlier that you were going to take things over a little bit at a time.
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Still at apt. Won't move in completely until the 19th of May. Had to pay for this place until the end of May, no matter what. Might as well get my money's worth. Plus, with this being the last month of school, it's not as though things are dead at work, either. When I knew I wasn't moving into an empty house, I wanted to give myself as much time as possible. Rushing causes me to have major stress.

I want to thank you and everybody else for all their good thoughts and words. I was thinking of Sandie today as I heaved the refrigerator out of its space to clean underneath and choking to death on "Easy Death" oven cleaner fumes. I figure if I say dirt, filth, and mess enough, she'll be on a plane in no time!
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Congratulations, Deb. We have been recruited to help you move!!! See you on the 18th.
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I hope you'll like your new home and your new neighborhood! Just reading about all the work involved gives me daymares, as I've been in that position myself. Yuk! But, hey, it's all yours; and that's a very good feeling. Best wishes and good luck (and don't let those helping hands slip away)!

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It's really nice that you have the luxury of bringing things over when you want instead of being under crunch time. I stress out under time constraints as well.

Of course we're sending good thoughts your way! this is a HUGE deal! moving is at the top of the list of lifes biggest stressers.

it is going to be so great once you get settled it!
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HEY DEB!!!! Congratualtions!!! I no idea you were buying a house...this isn't the same place we were going to work on the cabinets is it? Well, whatever you need help with let me know, I'll be up in September tool belt & box in hand.

God Bless!!
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Deb25; If I lived I could come help supervise (just kidding) When you are settled let me know and I could make you a silk wreath or swag or anything you want to decorate. . . .that is where my strong suit lies. . . (what ever that means)
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Congrats Deb!!!! I had no idea either!!!!! I am so happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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The joint is one and the same!!! After closer inspection, I may be giving up on the cabinet project and start saving up for all new. They are in pretty bad shape.

Andrea: Thanks for the helping hand. See you guys in a couple of weeks.
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How's it coming along! Have you been able to dig out some more rooms?
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Dear Deb,
Well, if ya need anything...let me know so I can be prepared to bring the right tools...etc...

bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz lol

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Dear Everybody,

Thanks for all your good thoughts. It's coming along. That's all I can say. I'm kind of at a standstill until this weekend is over, and the garage sale hopefully nets a mass exodus of unwanted stuff. Then I want to get painting so that I can start getting my stuff over there. I feel it's pretty pointless to cart stuff over now that will just be in the way as I paint. All I can say now is that I'm tired! Working all day and then running up there at night is taking its toll. It will all be worth it soon, if I survive it! I wish you all lived closer and could come to the housewarming!
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Ah, Yes, A HOUSE WARMING ! You know how we love to PAR TAY!!!!

Maybe we could hold an internet housewarming via an instant messenger service where we could take turns signing on and talking. A sort of Round Robin as it may be. I'm not sure how we do it but maybe someone is. . . . . . .

Good luck with the garage sale!
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What a cool idea!

Tonight was interesting. While at the house continuing to dig out, one of the service managers from the dealer where I bought my new car called and asked if she could look at a table I was selling. So over she came and $175 later she bought a ton of the stuff that I was selling. She's a garage sale junkie! Hope the rest of the sale goes this easily. I'll be done in no time!
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that is great news! i will hope that everything goes as smoothly as you first sale :pinky:
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LOL one mans junk is anothers treasure!!!
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Hey Deb,

Congrats on the new house! I hope you make lots of money at the tag sale.
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Well the garage is stuffed and ready for tomorrow. I only hope to live through this whole thing. I am exhausted. I haven't had a quiet evening at home in more than a week.
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i wanted to say Congratulations as well! i read through this
thread, and wow, what a task, hey? i think you handled it
well, better then i would, i think i would have fallen on my face
the first day! i wish you luck on your garage sale

my mother used to love to have garage sales, when i was little
i would just be giving things away - not fully understanding
people were supposed to pay! needless to say i wasnt asked
to help out at too many garage sales :laughing:
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Blue; Your story reminds me of my sister who had a sale a few years ago and sold all of the first release Beatle albums I had left at home with Mom ad Dad for $1.00 each. Do you know what some of those babies are worth today!!!!!
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Darlene..OH NO!!! YIKES!

You know I still have a Incence & Pepperments 45 by Strawberry Alarm Clock!!! LOL...The Letter too!
It's sing along time....
I don't care how much money I gotta spare...ain't got time to take a cab there...lonely days are gone...I'm going home, my baby she wrote me letter....

I'd say "he" though...:laughing2
I think those were the correct words...
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