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Blood discharge

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There is a bloody discharge coming from the kittens rear here's a pic

Have any ideas?
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Oh Jenn sorry to read this - I have no idea what that is. Could it be a bad worm infestation I wonder?Was Azella wormed during pregnancy with a pregnancy safe wormer? I dont want to say as Im not a vet and never experienced that.

Is it too late to get to a vet? (just trying to work out time differences). I hope the kitten is ok. Is it just that kitten or are there others too with the bleeding?
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Yeah it's too late for vet but not for emergency,if i have to thats where i'm going. It is just the one boy. I'm gonna go look again as i looked very quickley checking them over and trying not to upset Azella. I need to take a better looksee. After looking at the pics ,it looks like it's raw above the rectum maybe mom cleaning too much. I'll post back as soon as i look K
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Theres alittle ouwe on the underside of the little boys tail looks like mom licked him raw. he is still going to the vet to make sure all is ok. Sorry to scare you all. I was scared at first. I just did not look very close cause i was worried that mom would get upset with me.

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Good luck at the vets - let us know what the vet says.
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hope all is well with your little one.

Sending hugs x x x x
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how is the little one now?
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Went to the vet, he is ok. Momma had licked him raw.Poor little guy. he is doing fine. Sorry for the scare everyone.
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aww thats good , least theres nothing wrong. thanx for the update
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Im so pleased everything is well with your little one.

Seems mommy cat was just trying to hard to get it right.....Bless her
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