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Female Question (birth control)...

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I have to stop getting my Depoprovera shot because my insurance doesn't cover any of it and it is just too expensive ($92/shot). So, I was due for my shot I think by November 10 and I won't be getting it. I had an appointment with my Dr. for the first, but she was sick and I had to reschedule to the 15th.

Anyway, I know that a few of you have been on it and stopped and I was wondering what I can expect? I've been on it for 5 years, no periods in that time. How long before I get one again? I understand it can be heavy, but how long does that first one usually last?

Also, I will obviously be switching methods to something I can have prescribed. (How dumb is that? They cover BC in the prescription plan, but since Depo was a Dr.'s Office thing they won't cover it at all.) I am pretty much planning on going on the pill, but I know there are alternatives. Anyone have experience with these?
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I hear that the new patch works great. A friend of mine is using that and she really likes it better than the pill. I am thinking about going that route. I can never remember to take the pill!!!
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I have heard good things about this new weekly patch. It is supposed to be just like the pill, but you don't have to remember to take it every day. I wish they had those when I was on the pill all those years.
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I had looked on the internet because my sister doesn't have insurance and needed birth control. I know you can order it online but that might not be a good idea unless you feel comfortable giving yourself a shot. I'm on Depo and my doctor won't let me do it myself but two people in our office do, but one was a nurse's aid. My dictor did reccomend the patch very highly, I just didn't want that sticky band-aid fuzz on me all the time.
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Personally I've been using the pill for about 7 years now with no problems. By taking it continously (skipping the 7 day gap/7 sugar pills) you can skip periods as well. I tried Depo once and it made me absolutely sick. I'll stick with the pill It's not too hard to remember to take it every day... I have it sitting next to my computer
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After I stopped the Depo,for medical reasons, I didn't get a period again for about 3 monthes, and it although it was heavier than it used to be it only lasted for about 2/3 days.

A year later it is still like that.

I have heard some good things (and aslo bad but there is always arguments for and against) about the implants, but of course they last a long time, although you can have them removed.

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I'm an old-fashioned girl, I guess. I like letting my body go through its natural cycle, so I use the pill and don't skip the 7-day sugar pills. If I forget to take one, I take it when I remember and then just get back on schedule - although that doesn't happen too often. I keep them next to my alarm clock (and a bottle of water is always there too! :tounge2: )

My periods are lighter than when I wasn't on the pill, and I don't get cramps (until recently, but I think that has to do with age. I'll be 40 in Feb). I've been on the pill since Jan 1994 and haven't ever had any problems. Studies have shown that it actually reduces your risk of cervical cancer.

I take ortho-tricyclen, a low-dose that bumps up each week.
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It is messy but it doesn't add any chemicals to your body. You have to use it every time. This worked for me so maybe it will work for you too. I had my tubes tied after the 5th child and had in-vitro with the sixth I have grandchildren now so I stop having babies and spoil someone elses! A big plus is I can give them back when cranky or messy! Being a grandma ROCKS! This is my granddaughter! Her birthday was yesterday and my daughter had her baby yesterday. Both my granddaughters are born on the same day! I won't have any trouble remembering their birthday Here is a picture of my granddaughter dressed for Halloween
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Teresa, she is a little beauty! And congratulations on becoming a grandmother again. My mom always said she liked being "Grandma" better than "Mom" for exactly the same reasons you just said.

Thank you all for your thoughts, please keep 'em coming.
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I've been using the patch for nearly two months now. So far, it's working great, though I still have migraines (which I think were worse when I was on the pill).

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I used the pill and was very happy with it. Last year after we had or last child a (planned baby). I had my tubes tied. I have 4 children. If I had to chose birth control right now it would be the pill for me. I really don't know much about the patch.
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i think getting off the shot will be good for you. i was on it seven years. and in that time i stopped having periods and my size jumped from a nine to an 18 and have been all sizes in between. i have been off since january 2002. you may remember my thread about it. i bleed for a whole month and it was horrible. it scared me. i had horrible blood clots. sorry so detailed. but after that stopped i started having periods on a monthly basis again. and they were heavy at first, but now they are normal. that shot can do crazy things to SOME women. i have changed so much since i have been off the shot even my neighbors have noticed. i am nicer. my anxiety has dropped alot! i actually have a sex drive again! and i've lost about 15 pounds, not even trying. what i use for protection now is encare inserts, which has been effective, but i'm gonna try a foam. never ever again will i have any kind of birth control in my body that has hormones. i feel great!
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7CC, I do remember your post about it, and all the things that you said have changed since you have been off it. I'm hoping to have the same positive benefits of being off it. How long after your last shot did you start having a period again? Was there any cramping or signs that it was coming? I have the "stuff" at work (and obviously at home), but I don't want to have a really embarassing high-school type moment (stained pants, chair, etc. EW!). It's been about 3 months since my last shot. I have been on it for 5 years, so I'm kind of fearing the worst...

Marie, you didn't have a horrible experience coming off of it. How long were you on Depo when you stopped?
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My daughter was on the Depo shot for only 2-3 months, and had to be hospitalized to stop her bleeding. It cause mental side effects, also. Mood swings, rages, crying, and a host of other lovely things. She is still trying to get straightened out. I used the pill for years with no ill effects. I have had my tubes tied for 16 years, and it has been pure misery! I am really looking forward to menopause.
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heidi, i was do my shot in january, which i never went. it seems i started a couple weeks later. and yes i cramped very bad. for a whole month. the clotting continued for a couple of months with my period but i'd say after 3 months i was normal. my periods now are a breeze. like i said i am soooo glad i am off that. but every womans body is different. you may have no problems at all. have you had any side effects with the shot? do you feel it changed your personality any? i did not realize it had mine until i was off it and started reading alot about it. the horror stories i found were so similar to what i have been through. i just thought i was nuts. and everyday that passes i feel i get more "normal" it takes a while to get completely out of your system.
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I really didn't have any of the horrible side effects I've heard of. Of course, I was moody for the first 3 months, which is to be expected. I haven't noticed any big changes, but I was pretty messed up mentally when I started it. I was depressed and never realized it. Now, though, I am off the Paxil and feeling great in general. Have been off of that for well over a year.

Thanks for all the help. I at least have some more options to speak to my Dr. about.
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I am on the depo, too, and have wanted to switch for the last year, but am afraid too. I am interested in the patch, but need to know how effective it is.... We dont want kids now. I dont trust the pill. I have never been on the pill, and dont want to be because I think I'd be lousy at taking it. Any other patch users?
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I had been on the Depo for about 3 years.

According to my friends within a few months I looked a lot healthier after not having it.

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My mother is a nurse. Don't get the implant! It leaves scars not only on the outside but on the inside too. She has told me horror stories of women that have had them. I use contraceptive film. It's easy to use and not messy, no side effects. I'm sensitive to certain types of spermicides and it doesn't bother me. Pills you have to remember to take. They have a new one out that you don't have to take everyday but I haven't heard much about the side effects. The patch actually sounds pretty good. I'll ask my mom if she has any one who has any problems with it.
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I've been on the pill for 8 years and have never had any real problems except sex drive ~ I have none! Never have. I have tried the shot and it was good for the first three months NO PERIOD! but then I got my second shot and I started spotting. Then the spotting never stopped! The doctor told me to wait it out for another month and then he'll give me my next shot a month early. After that shot I kept spotting so decided to go off it. I'm back on the pill but still no sex drive. Perhaps I'll try this patch thing. I trust the pill so much that I think I'd be skeptical of trying anything else. But I'm willing if it means a sex drive! AHH!
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the patch has the same hormones in it as the pill. to keep your body natural and free of hormones i think an over the counter method would be best.
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Teresa! Your granddaughter is gorgeous!!!'s my 2 cents....I am probably the only person in the world who did NOT like the patch....but I didn't. I was on it for one month (last month) and hated it. Why??? Well for one isn't very sexy...not that anybody but my hubby would ever see it...but I had it on my lower abdomen and it looks like a big old bandaid, and some of the sticky stuff comes out around the sides a little bit, which wouldn't be a problem, except I wear jogging pants alot, so the fuzz from the jogging pants kept sticking to the edges of the patch, and so I would have this crap around it...which looked just lovely...and when I tried to scrub it off, I had to rub so hard I literally took the skin off, and then had a red rash looking thing around it....I don't know...I just didn't like it...I was laways worried too about it starting to peel off, because then you have to replace it immediately.

I'm sure it works great for most people...I just didn't like it. I went back on the pill, which isn't very good for me since I am over 35 and still smoke some. I want to get my tubes tied, so I will probably do that in a year or two.

Of course asking Hubby to have a vasectomy was like asking him to cut the whole dang thing off...or so you would have thought by his reaction, so I guess that is out. I think he feels it would do something to his feeling of manhood or some dumb thing like that.
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I haven't been on birth control for over 3 years (have been trying to get pregnant), but I was on the Pill which worked well for me!
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I was on Depo for 4 years. I experienced the same weight gain. I have been off of it for about 3 years. That damn weight sure didn't go away as quickly as it went on. I didn't have a period for 9 months after I stopped Depo, but when it came back (and boy was I praying it wouldn't!), it was like the others describe: much heavier than ever before with lots of clots. It lasts less time, though. Sometimes I have to be in the bathroom changing protection every couple of hours at most. Blech! As to other methods, I have no advice. I haven't been able to take the Pill since my 20's because of varicose veins and poor leg circulation. I should have had my tubes tied after my daughter was born.
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I've been on the pill for a while too, and Tamme, you may just need to try a few different pills, as a couple of the ones I have tried absolutely killed all sex drive... I told the Doc and she gave me a different one, since I switched, everything is back to normal and I haven't had any side affects. (not that I know of anyway.. twitch... hee hee)
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