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Moving and cats... advice needed.

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For those of you who don't know, we have an RV. We lived in there full time for 10 years while we traveled around the country for work. We've kept her in great shape, and she's parked right next to the house fully hooked up.

We were stationary from 2001 on. But we lived there when we first rescued all the kitties - we didn't move into the house until 2004, and we brought the RV with us.

Except for Tuxedo, they were all freaked out when we moved into the house. (He thought we got it just for him! ) We had to feed them upstairs, and it was a few weeks before Lazlo even ventured down to first floor of the house.

2 years after moving into the house, we took a road trip - and we took the cats with us. They all remembered the RV (except Ming Loy, who never lived in the RV), and they totally LOVED being back in it. They got used to being on the road on the first day. They were all sooooooo happy and purring up a storm that whole trip. Even Ming Loy ended up loving it. With her handicap, it all was so accessible to her.

We started packing today, and we move late next week (probably).

The question is - what do we do about the kitties? (We have 6).

Scenario 1. Do we leave them in the house for all the packing - and crate them up the morning the movers come for the furniture and boxes, and drive over to the new place in the car?

OR... Scenario 2. Do we move out to the RV with them for the last few days of the move, and drive them over in the RV on moving day, stay in the RV for a few days with them there (we'll be fully hooked up there too) while the furniture is moved in to the new house, some of our stuff unpacked - and then move them into the house from the RV?

Or should they be in the new house while we unpack - ? (Scenario 1).

I don't know what is best for them. Skip the last few days of tension of packing and unpacking, and move into a new home with familiar furniture and stuff unpacked (scenario 2) - or is it less stressful for them to "be a part of" the whole process (scenario 1) ?

Thanks for your thoughts!

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I think if they all like the RV it might be an easy way to transition them and also keep them out from underfoot while the movers bring things in and you unpack. Good luck with whatever you decide!
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Laurie, you have a luxury of having Scenario 2. Moving is very stressful for cats, especially the unpacking and packing. If they are comfortable in the RV, I would do that. It will be an easier transition for them if their stuff is already there and your scents are already in the new place before they get there.
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Oh yes, Scenario 2 sounds like the best choice! And oh, how I would love to have an RV... that would be the life...

Pictures of both the RV and your new house would be lovely!
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Thanks for the replies.

We knew moving was stressful - but from the RV into a house, there wasn't too much packing, and we had to purchase the furniture, so it was all new. But from house to house - we just weren't sure whether or not it'd be better for them to know for sure something was up. But they'll know anyway. I think they already do - we've certainly been telling them.

Our stuff - their scents - and lots of Feliway won't hurt either!



...and as to pics of the RV and the house, here are pics from the road trip in February of 2006: The Bus Trip, and here the few listing pics of the new house: We got the house! The property is six acres, and the driveway and parking area are huge, so we'll be able to park the RV right out back.
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I agree with option #2. I think having them in the RV which they are already familiar with for a few days, on both sides of the move would be the best option. I've noticed in the past that having all the boxes around with none of their familiar stuff out is very unsettling to them.

Good luck!
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I agree with everyone else option 2 sounds ideal. Hope the move all goes well and you are all very happy in your new home.
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