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YAY! I am so happy that your son's temperature is down. Sending more vibes for the healing process.
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This is such a good sign! Keep getting better, Seth...
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I am just seeing this too, oh Tammy I am so sorry to hear that he is so sick and I hope this finds him doing a little better.

I am sending hugs and prayer for you and for Seth and the rest of the family. Please let us know how he is doing when you have a chance.

Also pm me your number and I will try to call you.

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I'm sending lots of prayers and vibes for you and Seth. Sounds like he has been a sick little boy. On the positive side, children can tolerate a higher fever then adults can. And it's not unusual for it to go up and down a bit. It doesn't make it any less scarry though, does it? Vancomycin IS one of the big guns! And it sounds like he is responding to this! As far as misdiagnosis, often respiratory problems can start as one thing and develop into another. In December, I started with asthma from construction dust at work that developed into a respiratory infection that developed into Pneumonia. Anyway, hang in there! I know it's scarry but it sounds like he's responding. And that's a good thing! It's not easy to sit by and watch the little tykes suffer and be so sick.
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Heres hoping with all this support and love you are managing to keep positive

lots and lots of healing ((((((( vibes )))))) still whizzing to you & yours
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OH Seth you poor little dear - but good boy for getting your fever down!! Keep on fighting it hun, your mummy is soooooo worried and she wants you back!

Tammy, you've got a little soldier there I'm so happy to hear his temperature is coming down again - that's going to help so much!

All my thoughts and prayers are with you
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I am still sending lots of vibes and praying that your little boy gets better. Look after yourself too, I really feel for you and your family right now. Take care xxx
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Hope he is starting to feel better.
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iv just seen this thread , i hope he gets better real soon , thinking of you and your family at this hard time and sending lots of get well vibes your way
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Still thinking of you and praying for you Tammy. Hopefully, Seth is doing better today.
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Just checking in to see how Seth is today!
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I just seen this thead. Hugs, prayers and healing vibes for your precious Seth!
Make sure you take care of yourself too!
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Any update today yet Tammy?
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still for you & Seth!
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Originally Posted by crittergirl View Post
I just seen this thead. Hugs, prayers and healing vibes for your precious Seth!
Make sure you take care of yourself too!
i've only just now seen it, too, & haven't had a chance to read it thru, but i'm praying for you & yours, especially Seth!
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