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No. Simple as that. Cats are designed to have claws, and if they can't accept a cat for the beauty in the way it is meant to be then they shouldn't have a cat.
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Nope, I wouldn't. I know far too many people with small children and cats to consider "but the cat might scratch my kids!" a viable excuse. Train the kitten not to scratch. Train the kids not to pester the kitten. That's how it works in all my friends' households (and you can bet that if one of the kids does get scratched, the cat had a pretty good reason for it!), so I have faith it will work in others as well.
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Small children and kittens - I would say it very much depends on the children. My brother and I were brought up around animals and were very calm and well behaved, and knew to handle animals quietly and gently. We had budgies all our lives and they are more fragile and nervous than a kitten. I have no doubt that we'd have been fine with any animal. This cannot be said of all children, so I would err on the side of caution and say no unless I knew the children well and knew them to be quiet and respectful of animals and used to handling them.

The other thing to remember is that children do not develop the skills to know how hard they are grasping something until about the age of 6 - this is part of normal child development and nothing to do with bad behaviour, a child under the age of around 6 is likely to hold an animal too hard without intending to be rough.

The other worry with kittens and small children is the parents - if the kitten scratches a child's hand in play, are the parents going to use the opportunity to teach their children not to play with the kitten with their hands, or are they going to take the kitten to a shelter or put it outside because it is 'vicious'?
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Not to make this sound bad or anything, but I'm almost more concerned about the person in the home that hates cats worse than I am about the declawing. I've heard this person make comments like if that cat claws the furniture or whatever they're going to kill the cat. I've also seen and heard how this person treats the small children in the home and I worry about abuse. I feel children need discipline, but too much or too hard of discipline isn't the answer either. There is just something about this persons personality that I don't trust.
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Originally Posted by GrayFluffy View Post
I have a question...

Would you give a kitten to a home knowing that when the new owners get the kitten the first thing they are planning to do is get it declawed? And, one of the people living in the home doesn't like cats. They also have very small children in the home. Would you give a kitten away to a home like this, or find a better home?

Thanks for your feedback...

Haven't read any of the other responses yet, but here's my answer.

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I would NEVER give any cat/kitten to an owner that would declaw! I am highly against declawing! I once thought it was no big deal until I became a cat owner and my boyfriend explained to me what the procedure was! NEVER EVER! Both my cats have claws and they are prone to their posts... not furniture! They are gems and I am glad I never subjected them to cruelty! I would find a better home... Knowing me i would keep the kitten!
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I would definitely find a different home for the little kitten.
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I really would not give a kitten to a home like that. Not at all.
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I just faced the same moral problem as you... The 7 year old diabetic cat I'm fostering and trying my best to find a home for... had a possible home. The only problem was that they wanted her declawed... They have a diabetic cat already and were willing to take her as well but not at the risk of having there furniture clawed... If she had the surgery she would be at a greater risk of infection due to the diabetes, she would be in more pain since she is an older cat, and it would go against what I believe... My boss was even willing to pay for the surgery.... But I just can't due it... not for someones furniture... I can understand a LITTLE more if a person has a medical condition which puts them at risk of an infection if they get scratched... But not for someones cloth, leather or wood.... thats not worth putting a cat through such a painful expiriance in my opinion.

I'm glad you decided to not give them the cat.... I think you made the right choice.
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