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A bloody situation

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[b]It's not fleas. That much we of all people should know.
Our cat, Mittens, has been acting odd lately.
We got hit with fleas a long while back, but that's not the problem. We would have seen them, if so.

She is constantly scratching both sides around her neck, and a little by the ear. This isn't just any scratching! She will scratch so hard and so much, she'll rip the flesh right off her body! She's balding in those areas as a result.

We will often find chunks of fur around, and on occasion, blood.
If this doesn't stop... We are at wit's end!
We've used deluted hydrogen peroxide, collodial silver, and also even putting it in her water...
We've tried alot, but don't even know what this is!!
I have some images if that'll help...

Please help us, if you can. We'd be greatly appreciative!
Thanks in advance!

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Could be any number of things, so your kitty needs to go to the vet.

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luxor does this - but not to that extent. definitely take your kitty to the vet, it might be ear mites, it might be an allergy
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I agree with the others. Her fur looks very dry too, but it may just be the pictures. I hope the vet can help you find a solution.
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what is she eating? I would say that looks like an allergy of some kind
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luxor's fur is dry too......sharky recommended for luxor Natural Balance venison and pea.......and he's improved.
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I know you said it`s not fleas so please don`t get mad at me
but in the last picture, all those black specks look like flea dirt to me.

If you wet a peice of kitchen roll or tissue and comb them off and put them on the damp tissue, if you get a browny red halo around the specks, then I`m afraid it is flea`s.
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I definitely agree that a vet visit is necessary..........chewing fur, and "over-grooming" could be due to a number of things from fleas, allergies of some type, or even a behavioral issue, among other things. Only a vet could tell you for sure what's causing it and get you on the right path as far as treating it. Good Luck!
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My cat will rip the hair outta the one side of his head, he has no leg on that side and tends to rub it on everything to scratch it. It turned out hes allergic to grass...... but like everyone else said, best to go to the vet.
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From those pictures, it definitely doesn't look good. Could be any number of things. Could be a fungus, like ringworm. You definitely don't want to let it go if it is. My cat and I passed ringworm back and forth for a year before I got rid of it and it was a nightmare! Please make a vet appt.
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