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What's for dinner tonight???

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What's everyone having for dinner tonight? I have NO idea what we're having yet
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We had an easy dinner tonight...grilled cheese and chips!!
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breaded dijon pork chops, stuffing, salad, and homemade carrot cake for dessert..
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Not sure yet? Me and a friend are going to go out for dinner in a bit, I'm hoping for Mexican!
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rice with garlic butter sauteed shrimp
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We're being lazy....we just ordered pizzapizza. Yum!!
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I don't know what I'm having. It's 7pm already!!! I may just make a salad and have a baked potato with it.

I am in the process of making beef vegetable with barley soup, but that won't be ready for hours. I should have started it earlier in the day.
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Chicken & Rice, but Jeremy forgot to pick up the cream of mushroom soup, so I improvised, it's going to be interesting.
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hummm at this point i'm considering frozen pizza
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I had a little number I like to refer to as pasta with augmented sauce. I just sauteed and seasoned some veggies and threw them in. Quick, easy and satisfying
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John brought home McDonalds so we could eat quick because the farrier came out to take care of the horses.
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Went out for Indian food tonight, oh lord was it ever good!!!!!
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pizza already ate it tho
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LOL, my neighbour from down the hall just came by and told me that whatever I'm cooking smells so good.

I hope my soup tastes as good as she says it smells. I just added the barley to it, so it should be ready to dig into in a 1/2 hour or so. In the meantime I'm having 1/2 of a melon to tide me over because I feel dizzy from hunger.
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Just got home from work at 8, so i fixed some baked chicken and stove top dressing with some green beans. It actually turned out well..
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we wound up having a frozen pizza
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I had a cold cut sub from Subway.
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BigMac from MickeyD's
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I had homemade beef vegetable with barley soup. Not sure how much I had, but I pigged out, LOL I'm currently putting the left overs in freezer containers to freeze for future use. I should end up with enough soup frozen for 30 lunches.
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We went to Country Kitchen and I had chicken fried steak
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I'm stir-frying veg and Chicken marinaded in chilli and lime. That always goes down well. They way to a man's heart is of course through his stomach!
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