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The downside to bonfire night :(

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Read this in our local newspaper yesterday, there was a horrific picture that went with it, but I didn't want to post it. THIS is the reason all my cats are IN on bonfire/fireworks night..

Vets fear cat was thrown on bonfire
BY Tom Pegden
and Liz Hawley
Vets believe a cat found suffering from burns could have been thrown on a
The animal was today being treated by vets who said it was found dehydrated
in a field suffering severe shock.
RSPCA officers received an emergency call last night and called in vets
Bell, Brown and Bentley, of Hinckley Road, Leicester Forest East, which is
close to where the cat was discovered.
Today, the cat was on a drip and was said to be in very poorly condition.
Veterinary partner David Bentley said the injuries could have been a lot
worse, but was still unsure if it would fully recover.
He said: "The coat has been heavily singed and it has burns on its nose and
its eyes are heavily gummed up.
"The injuries could have been sustained a couple of days ago.
"It is still very lethargic and we may do some blood tests to check for any
internal injuries.
"Everybody here thinks there is a serious possibility it was thrown on a
bonfire because no cat is going to fall in by mistake."
Nurse Rachel Button said: "I've never seen anything like this in my life. If
it was done deliberately then it's disgusting."
Jim Lucas, RSPCA chief inspector for Leicestershire, said they were
investigating. He said: "This cat has suffered horrific burns but we do not
know how it happened.
"We would be interested to hear from anyone about how this animal received
these injuries. Anyone found guilty of causing deliberate cruelty to an
animal could face a significant fine and possible imprisonment."
Meanwhile, firefighters were today warning about the dangers of children
starting their own bonfires after a series of blazes across the city.
Western Station, which covers New Parks, Beaumont Leys and Braunstone,
attended five bonfires last night.
Sub officer Chris Lawrence said: "Children were putting aerosol cans into
the fires which can have dire consequences, including death, loss of fingers
and loss of sight.
"Parents need to be more wary of what their children are doing."
When aerosols heat up they can explode, with those containing butane causing
a fireball.
The five bonfires were in Pindar Road, New Parks, Leicester; Lamen Road,
Leicester; Holmwood Drive, Leicester; Bloxham Road, New Parks, and Iron
Works Road, Leicester.
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If it was deliberate, then that is seriously disgusting.

What goes through peoples minds? Is is a laugh, is it to impress friends, is it bullying something smaller and weaker than themselves or maybe it's just they are thick as pig$h!t.

I must admit, as last might was actually Guy Fawkes night, there were many explosions, and very loud ones too. The cats were expecially frightened (normally doesn't bother them too much), poor Balie was afraid to come out from under the bed to go for a pee, and as a result, peed under the bed. Good job we have varnished wooden boards that I could wipe down.

The bangs were going on way past midnight, which isn't a problem at weekends, but during the week you have kids having to get up for school and adults having to go to work. It just ain't fair to anyone!

Bod - keep us posted on this poor kitty - I hope he pulls through.
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I like the 'possible imprisonment' part like if they catch whoever did this they're going to get anything more than a fine.
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People that deliberatly harm animals should have their human rights taken away, they should be imprisoned for life, and life should mean life.

If anyone hurt my cat I'd hunt them down myself and get revenge.

Suki just didn't take any notice of the fireworks, she slept through it all.
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Yola, it was amazing here - well, from a "pretty firework" point of view, from a pets eyes, it was terrifying!! We live between two huge fields so we had shows/displays starting from about 5pm going untill well past midnight... the bangers are what drive me insane...

Hope you poor little babies have recovered.

And Jessica, I know what you mean, I thought that too about the eat sentance.... probably get fined about £50
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BuNN, I agree, at the moment some old man has Bod in his house and won't open the door to me... I swear soon I'm just going through the window to get him back...
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Yola, its kinda a long story but basically Bod was out one day, got lost for a while, came home.... then someone where he'd been lost started leaving food out all day for hi, and one night, just took him in the house and won't let him out.... no-one wants to know or help, so I go round every night and pound on his door...and I WILL repeat WILL be getting him back... and when I do, he's staying indoors for good.
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Rhea!! I didn't know someone is holding Bod hostage! If I were you I'll kick down their door with a group of burly men and get my kitty back! The police can't help you?
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The police just tell me "its a cat, thats what cats do" I even asked a rescue centre and they said "aww he's just got a second home" I was like , "UM, NO he doesn't, this man is KEEPING him in!!!!"
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Damn I wish I was nearby to you, I'd go round and get Bod for you. I broke down a garage door to get Suki out when she was trapped, so I'd do the same for your cat, sod the law.

I hope you get Bod back, let us know when you do.
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There are some sick souls in the world!
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Indeed there are Ady, far too many for my liking.
And Thanks BuNN, I'll be sure to let you know when we get him back.
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Originally posted by BodLover
Yola, its kinda a long story but basically Bod was out one day, got lost for a while, came home.... then someone where he'd been lost started leaving food out all day for hi, and one night, just took him in the house and won't let him out.... no-one wants to know or help, so I go round every night and pound on his door...and I WILL repeat WILL be getting him back... and when I do, he's staying indoors for good.
I will distract them and you run in commando style and get him! How can someone get awya with stealing some one else's et like that!
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Bod, I don't understand. Did you go over there and tell the man that it is YOUR cat that he is keeping? Or, he hasn't given you a chance to talk to him?
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HE won't open the door to me, but I know Bod is in there as his neighbour has told me she's seen him.
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That's just OUTRAGEOUS!

How dare someone steal someone elses cat?

Does he think you're neglecting Bod or is he just stupid?

Why dont you put up lost cat posters around his 'hood and write some real heart-rending story on it to the effect that you are wasting away pining for your beloved kitty. He might relent, alternatively, you might arouse the sympathy of neighbours and they'll gang up on him.

I think Ady's right, we need to organize a posse to ride up to this geezer's house and scare the crap out of him to make him give Bod back to his rightful owner.

If all else fails, I would stick Cat Thief posters on his garden gate.
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Now THATS a good idea Yola!! CAT THEIF LIVES HERE!!!!! Thats a great last resort!! (other than breaking and entering!! :laughing: )

One of his neighbours is helping me, she going to send her son round to see if the guy will open the door to him.... hopefully he will....!!

Oh and, seeing as Bod is in great condition, nice and plump, with collar and tag, and not scared of people ONE LITTLE BIT, I guess this guy is just STUPID!
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Gosh Rhea....that must be an awful experience to go through. He definately sounds like a bizarre man. Just be careful. I hope you don't go pound on his door by yourself. If he is this bizarre and is not opening the door to people and won't give you your cat back, then there is something really wrong with his state of mind. Please be careful! You never know what he might do next because yes, this world is full of bizarre people willing to do anything to keep what they think is rightfully theirs.

How about hounding the cops over and over again day in and day out? Even if they say they can't do anything. They will get so exasperated and fed up of being 'bothered' by you that they may just do something just to keep you quiet!!!

I don't know, maybe I am just a chicken but I cringe when people take matters into their own hands. Only because you just never know what's on the other side of the door.

Good luck getting Bod back right where he belongs....with you.
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Ghys, don't worry , I take hubby along with me!! I wouldnt go pound on someones door alone!! If I don't get anywhere soon, and if the neighbours son doesn't get anywhere, my next step will be to speak to the landlord.
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When you've got your cat back send a message to US "Intelligence" that Osama is hiding in that mans basement. He'll soon vanish
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Did Bod have ID on him or is he chipped? Bring over tons of photos so the man can see that it is your cat! Best of luck!
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Thats terrible

I hate to think what I would do in your situation.

I hope you get Bod back soon, safe and sound, it might be an idea to try the police again, maybe another officer may be more sympathetic

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Oh Rhea, I hope you get Bod back soon. I'm sending positive thoughts down the M1.
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This is so heartbreaking. The man will not answer the door, but his neighbor knows he has Bod. I'd be tempted to wait until he left and try to find an unlocked window! And I've never even received a parking ticket! It's horrible. BuNN, why don't you------Oh, never mind. We have to be law abiding. It's tempting though, isn't it? I wish a nice, considerate off-duty police officer would at least try to get the man to open the door.
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Maybe this man is a very lonely person. You might try to entice him with another kitty of his own. I think it's horrible that he won't give your kitty back or even open the door to talk to you. Have you called a lawyer? Maybe make a collage of you and Bunn to let this man know just how much he means to you.
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Is the man who has Bod in his seventies or eighties? You said he was old and it could be that he is just lonely and confused. Maybe someone who understands the elderly and knows how to work with them could help you get Bod back.
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Geez....Bodlover, I hope you get your furbaby back.

Hmmm.....you could call the police again and hopefully reach someone else to help you or perhaps even that shelter. I can't believe the attitudes of those people.

The poster idea....that sounds good....why not get the local nespapers involved too if all else fails? They love good free stories.........well it seems that way.....
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Thanks for all your suggestions guys, I have made new posters and am planning to post them through doors tonight, even though I know this man has Bod, I though it might help to let all the neighbours know he's missing, then if Bod does get out or anyone see's him, they can let me know straight away. (and Yola, I took yuor suggestion - put lots of mushy heart-rendering stuff in it!!! so I hope it does the trick!)
I want to try everything I can before taking legal action on him, because as some of you have mentioned, he is an old man who may just be very lonely.
Thanks for your support everyone, I'll keep you updated
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How horrible!! Rhea, you must keep us updated. This guy must not know how much your kitty really means to you, or he wouldn't even try to keep Bod.
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