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Poetry :)

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This is the little cats prayer I wrote to hang in "My office". It's the place all wild cats go to be assessed.... and it's where I specialise at work. So this is for everyone who has a rescue cat, or works with them or otherwise.


Watch over the Cats

Watch over the unloved and unwanted
Who have nothing but darkness and cold
Watch over the lost and the loney
Be they no more than kittens, or old.

Watch over the cast away felines
With no choice but to try to survive
And fend for themselves in this world
Who are lucky to just be alive

God bless those who give them a chance
Who'll free them from hunger and pain
Who'll love them as much as I do
And who'll give them a home once again

May their journeys all bring them to me
And I'll fight for then - against illness and fear
Then there's just one thing left I can wish for...

In freedom or in Heaven's arms
May you keep them all out of harm

May they all find their way home from here.
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Aaawww, that is so lovely and well written. You have a kind heart and an artistic hand.
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"...May they all find their way home from here."

Wow. That's a truly beautiful line. You have a gift...
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I meant to post about your prayer yesterday...sorry I'm just getting to it.

This is so lovely and heartfelt. I love how you write. Do you have anything else you've written? If you do, why not post over at my 'Creative Writting' thread in the Paws & Reflect section? Be great to read more of your words.

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Awww, I am in tears reading that. How beautiful..it makes my heart ache for the poor homeless babies.
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Very beautiful! Thank you for sharing.
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