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Director named for the remake of "The Day the Earth stood still"


In nearly every case, remakes of science fiction classics are horrible, or worse (think Lost in Space)

This is a true classic that they really just need to leave alone!!!!!
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Bummer, I was hoping it would have been Quinten Tarintino.
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Klaatu! Say it ain't so!
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I sure hope they leave it alone. But I doubt they will
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they are scared to take the risk of coming up and doing new things.
that why you have rambo 27, star wars 13 etc. They do the same with video games, i have seen one new style that took somewhat of a chance 4 year ago,
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For years after seeing that picture, my brother and I practiced how to say the magic words to stop the robot -- Klaatu Barada Nicto! Klaatu Barada Nicto! Klaatu Barada Nicto!

So don't worry... my brother and I stand ready to save the world.
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Haha! I had to watch that movie several times when I was age 6, and I thought it was the worst and most boring movie ever!

Now I want to see it because almost everything I hated, I actually like now. Also, those movies I loved really are terrible.
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