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So when can you...

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So when can you start interacting with the kittens? I know it is best not to handle them in the first few weeks, but at what age does it get to be "fun" and they start to develop their little personalities? I was just curious. Mine are 5 days old today.
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i always handled our kittens from day 1 , as long as the mum trusts you and dosnt mind of course.
that was mainly to weigh and check them.
they start getting about at about 2 1/2 - 3 weeks old , but more so when they get to 4 weeks start play fighting trying to run ect..
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You will want to handle them as much as possible right from the start, but you will also want to gauge your handling of them on Momma's behavior. If Momma trusts you and doesn't mind, then handle them frequently now. Don't wake them up if they are sleeping or disturb them while nursing, but if they are up and commando-crawling around, then by all means, scoop one up and get right up in it's face - blow on them gently so they can get your breath scent, talk to them gently, hold them against your heart so they can hear and feel those vibrations to better identify you as a friend.

But - if Momma is anxious, upset, meowing loudly and in a warning stance, then do not handle them further or you may subject yourself to a nasty wound. If she doesn't want you to handle her kittens, then don't for now. You will want to get them socialized soon though, so it might be best - if Momma is reluctant to let you handle them - to confine her in another room for 10 minutes at a time while you pick up and interact with the babies. Do this once a day for the next week or so, then try to let Momma stay around to see what happens.
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Thanks for the advice Tasha and Gaye. Up until now I've been handeling them only to weight them or help them latch onto a nipple. Butterball has been so good about this and doesn't object at all. I will do what you said and start to really bond with them. I want them to love us humans as much as their mom.
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we handled from day 1 -only cos the mother cat trusts us so much.they are now 4wks and bounding about and so so friendly-licking,cuddling and giving little kisses-as long as yr cat is cool dont miss out and they will become so friendly as a result
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~Im sure you are like me since Butterball and NoNo's babies are exact same age. I handle my 3 everyday. NoNo isnt at all bothered and is actually very pleased when I pick them up. She climbs in my lap and cuddles up to me as to say "Hey I sure got a good looking bunch dont I". Now if my kids come in the room or Abby comes in she will take them OUT of my hand and put them back in the box. She is protective and doesnt trust ABBY the Yorkie at all...I cant blame her she hasnt met an object she wouldnt eat.

She is fine with Oreo being near them. I actually watched Oreo go up to the box, NoNo got out and went downstairs and Oreo laid with the kittens while she was gone. Im like dang INSTANT BABYSITTER lolol~ It was the sweetest thing. When she came back Oreo got up and left the box but laid outside the box. Isnt it weird how animals are?~
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Aww, Oreo is such a sweetie!
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No advice from me I just know that it is so hard to resist little babies! Our Pumpkin just had 6 kitties 3 days ago and we have handled them but she doesn't mind. Except when our boxer kisses get too close! And I completely understand that; I wouldn't be too happy either Best of luck
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I handled and picked up the kittens from day one. They don't interact with people till about 6-8 weeks old. Up till that time, they are more interested in brothers/sisters or mom then a person.

They also don't react to toys till at least 8 weeks old. During the time of 4-8 weeks they are learning how to walk, run, and jump. Toys have no meaning to them up to that point. Their "toys" consist of mom's tail or brother's ears/tail
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