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and then their were four...

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...hi everyone... i've been trying to get on the site for a few hours now...since 10pm... I have some bad news... Remember the one i was talking about... She was really tiny, cold and her lips were stuck together... well.... She died... I haven't stopped crying since i found her stiff under my bed... in a towel... I'm so mad at myself.. I hate myself i should have prevented this.... God.. i feel so helpless.. why did she have to die? what was wrong... i miss her.. she was my ultimate favorite.. she didn't cry constantly.. she was calm.. and she was so cute... almost like a cougar.. gorgeous... I'm sure some of you guys think I'm a bad mama to my kittens but if i could I'd give my own life for them... and now.. one is gone.. oh god.. i won't be able to sleep tonight.. I'm constantly crying... My mom and dad are going to bury her.. April in the backyard... in her own little special box...

- KCM.
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I am so sorry for your loss. Hugs to you in this difficult time.
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You are NOT hear me....NOT a bad kitty mommy! Babies sometimes don't make it. Sweet little April had something wrong with her from the start. It happens. Nothing you could have done to change the outcome. I have raised lots of orphan babies and sadly some of the sweetie little ones don't make it.

I think it tends to be the ones we know are special from the moments they are born. We must somehow sense they are fragile, need the extra something. She was greatly loved her short time here.

Don't fret yourself sweetie. Love the babies you have left.
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Don't hate yourself! You didn't do anything wrong. Kittens are so fragile & sometimes some do not make it.
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thank you... I don't even know what to say... in those 2 short days i had her, i loved her so much... i can't understand why... she had to leave so soon.. and i thought giving them away would be hard... giving them away to god hurts even more.... She's in a better place... may her heart and soul rest in peace... My little sweet April...l
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kcm no one thinks your a bad cat mum hun.
im so sorry about april , there is nothing you could have done to prevent this.
rip sweet little angel
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I'm so sorry to hear about this and what you are going through but this happens and I am glad to know that this sweet little kitten was taken care of and enjoyed her time here. You are not a bad cat mom, but a good one, because you took care of her anyways even though you knew something was wrong with her, while others raising kittens may have discarded her and not even given her a chance! I hope you feel better, soon and good luck with the other kittens!
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I'm sorry for your lost, RIP little one. Please try not to feel guilty, this was not your fault, just focus your attention on the other 4.
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I am so sorry you lost the sweet kitten, but it truly wasnt your fault. Kittens are tiny fragile things and some of them simply aren't strong enough to make it, no matter what you do to help.

Rest in peace little one.
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RIP baby girl April.... I'm sorry you had to go thru that KCM. but the good news there are 4 more itty bitty's to take care of. They need you.
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Thank you for everyones support.. I really appreciate it.. I'm trying not to think about it to much... I'm sure that sweet little angel is in a better place.. so pure...
She's going to be Middies Gaurdian Angel...

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Oh, I'm so sorry. You are not a bad kitty mom. Sometimes kittens just don't make it. RIP little April. Please don't beat up on yourself.
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Oh my I have seen the photo you posted of sweet April and I was checking out what happened and found this post

Please dont blame yourself, you did all you could for her, as mentioned kittens are fragile things

She will have a special place over the Bridge and will do a great job being a Guardian Angel
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dont blame yrself KCM lots of love and hugs.Take care
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