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Well I did it, and a good thing too!

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I posted the thread below 2 days ago about a job opening at the base vet office I heard about. Well today I had my application turned in.


And it seems like it was very good timing. About a year ago now they started talking about having to close my program. I hadn't heard anything about that in a while, but today it was said and seems even more serious than before. I'm not sure how I feel about it all, except that I know I'd rather quit than be laid off. Even if I'd get unemployment. Though DH did say he thinks I 'need a rest.' I have 4 weeks of sick time but no time to use it! Hows that!

On the up side, I found out the job I had applied for pays only $3 less than what I make now instead of $4. Here's what the job add said: "Must have experience in responsible clerical or office work of any kind which demonstrates the ability to perform satisfactorily at the grade level of the position. Must be a qualified typist, and work with animals under varied situations. Successful completion of a National Agency Check is required."

So what do you think? I'm kind of excited. I even prayed over my application!
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I am excited for you, LeighAnn! I know you are burned out with your job already, so this might be just what you need!

for you, friend!
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All right! Sending you major vibes!
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You know, this just sounds like it's meant to be!
Good luck.
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Wow! That sounds like a great job! Best of luck to you!!
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I am really excited for you - it sounds like a great job! My own job finishes on Friday and I am gutted to have to leave, if I could find something like that I'd be made up!

Good luck, I hope you get it and it turns out to be everything you wish for
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That sounds like a great job..to be around animals all of the time..Hum..yea!! Fingers crossed for good job vibes.
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Crossing my fingers and sending you vibes that you get a call on this job!!
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