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Cuddles Update.

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Welllll, I finally brought her home this evening.

But mum has only agreed to keep her until we find somewhere else for her to stay, and that she has to stay in a cage, because the last pregnant mom had the kittens on the carpet, and she was really bloody.
But it's better for her to have them here than at the rescue.

Here's some pictures of her.

Hi foster meowmy!

Loving the rubbing!

Yummy food!

I felt them moving the other day.. but I didn't feel them tonight... hopefully they will come soon, and be healthy. She was a very sick cat a few weeks ago, and she still has a bit of the sniffles.
Not to mention she is a cat of about 8-10 months.
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Bless your heart and hers, Leto ... keeping all thoughts positive for a smooth and uneventful delivery. You know where we are if you need us. *hug*
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congrats on bringing her home. i hope she has a safe delivery.
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No babies this morning. She has calmed down a bit and slet throughout the night, after keeping me up till 3am. She was upset about being moved.
I gave her some canned food and she went to sleep.

Hopefully they come soon, and are healthy.
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Awwww she's so pretty. Sending you lots of positive thoughts and hoping for a safe delivery soon.
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Such a pretty girl. I'm glad she is out of the shelter. Sending lots of positive vibes her way for a safe delivery.
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Thats areally nice thingto do! And my mom would have been a little upset if Kalli had her babieso n the carpet. Did she ever get the stainout?

So keep us posted ,a nd she looks really sweet!
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So is she due soon? Like labor could be comign anytime now. or do you know how far along she is?
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She came into the rescue 7 weeks ago today, so she is due anytime now, yep.

The stain isn't really noticable... it's under a bed with a dark carpet.. but you can see a slightly darker spot than the rest of the carpet. But the bed covers it so I don't think it's that big of a deal.

I might start checking her temperature today to see if it drops in the next few days.
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Oh, wow... so pretty, and so young! Here's hoping her kittens are as healthy as she is beautiful.
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Okay thankyou! I am triying to get a good estimate of when everyone's due for the list. I think you are at 8 or 9 weeks on there.
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She has a little bit of discharge now... I can't tell what color it is because she won't sit still long enough for me to see. It looked pinky-ish.. I think.
I hope they are born alive and healthy.
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{{{safe birth}}} vibes for Cuddles!!
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Still nothing this morning.

I let her out of the cage if i am in there with her.. but the frst night I didn't. Last night i did, and she kept me up all night. I'm lucky if I got an hour or two.
She is very affectionate... she'll make a nice kitty for someone when she's ready.
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Well ihope she has babies soon for you! Is this your sencond birth then?
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Could be any day now, how exciting!

Keeping my fingers crossed for a safe delivery.
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It'll be the second one born in my house.. but not from the same cat. I am very PRO spay/neuter and wouldn't let my cats ever have babies. So I foster.

Though I've seen several litters born, it'll only be the 2nd one I've taken in.
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Awww you're a sweetie for fostering her and taking care of her in a time of need! She is adorable! Best of luck!
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She is bleeding a fair amount.. enough to spot on the sheets.. I am worried that she is misscarrying the litter... I don't remember Checkers bleeding like this.

Here's some bum shots for you guys, sorry.

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a little bleeding is not unusal , i would say withen in next 24 hours she will have those kittens.
keep an eye on her , if the bleeding becomes more , or starts to smell in any way , take her to the vet asap.
or if your very worried give them a quick phone call now to put your mind at rest.
sending safe delivery vibes.
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She stopped bleeding. I haven't seen any since like... 3 am or something.. not sure.. it's all foggy to me right now,
But I do think it's going to be soon.. hopefully.

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for a good delivery, Sarah. It's a good thing you do for the kitties, and tell your Mom we appreciate her help as well.
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Hopefully there will be babies soon!! Good luck !

From seeing those last pics - I realise that I could never be a vet or a doctor lol.
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how is everything today?? any news?
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Nothing yet.

I haven't seen anymore spots on my bed (I've let her out of the cage completely, shhh) and she hasn't left my bed that I know of since this morning. Even when I go to leave the room she stays where she is.

She is still very affectionate, will take as much as you give her and more.

Still drinking, still eating.

No babies yet.
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aw give her lots of cuddles from us. thank you for the update , hopefully it wont be to long now.
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This is one of my favorite pregnant cats who's progress I have been following. I think she is so gorgeous. I hope she has healthy kittens that look like her.
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I think they will all look like her. Actually I am guessing that the whole litter are going to be grey or grey/white.

there were 5 cats given up in total when she came in. three 4 month old females. Two grey/white and one grey tabby like her. Then two 6/7 month old, male and female. Which was Cuddles and we think it's her brother. Johnny Walker. He might be the daddy, we're not sure. She was a stray so may not be.

All of them were grey or grey/white... so I think that all her babies are going to be too!
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Just checking in to see if any babies yet lol. Sending you and Cuddles hopes for a soon, safe, happy delivery.
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Originally Posted by XxtashaxX View Post
aw give her lots of cuddles from us. thank you for the update , hopefully it wont be to long now.
I laughed when i read that. Because you said give her lots of 'cuddles' and her name is Cuddles. Its not really all that funny, but i hvent laughed all day, and I read taht and it set me off. My step-dad looked over atme in the other room and then at my mom, I think they think i'm crazy.
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