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What to do?

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Hey everyone... I'm having a rough morning, i had exactly 2 and half hours of sleep i gotta put my sister out the door for school and i gotta go do my stuff.. which involves me leaving my room, i can't leave my room for more than 2 minutes before Middie starts to cry... I mean she is realllly crying.. I was wondering.. what can i do for her to stop crying.. she doesn't want me to leave and i gotta go for a few hours... should i just let her cry.... i feel bad about this...?
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I know she has just had her babies, so why do you think she is crying ? I am assuming she is fed, has water & can get to a litter tray and of course, her babies are OK ?
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She's got everything... It's because she can hear the other cats play.... and she doesn't want to be left alone...
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aww, so she's just wanting a bit of attention well if you have to go out then you have to go out, she'll settle with the babies again
Just fuss her when youre back
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Okay, thank you.. I was just worried i would be neglecting her.. I don't have kids of my own, although i'm only 18, but i consider them my babies.. I don't know what i have been doing without them all these years... .. (i was actually afraid of them)..lol.. Anyhow.. Thanks again.
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