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Here here! Most days I'm ready to do that!!!

Check to see if the black dye has peroxide in wait...that's for reds and blondes. There's another "natural" lightening ingrediant that comes for brown and black dyes. I forget though.

Most dyes will lighten though. I dyed my hair red for years and went perminant a few years ago. The darker reds always turned to some form of strawberry blonde in the end because of the peroxide.

The thing that stinks is trying to revert back to the natural color...I've been working on it for well over a year and I'm still called "red" (despite dying my hair ash brown).
When you are going dark such as a level 1-3 black you don't use a lifting peroxide you use a deposit only developer such as 10 volume that at the most has zero to one level of lift if none at all! The only reason you would use any form of a lift/depost peroxide would be if you were going for grey coverage... Which then you would use 20 volume only, which again has next to no lift 1-2 levels at the most... A lift and deposit effect at best! Honestly haircolor can be a challenge and there is a science behind it ( I always recommend seeing a professional if you are unsure of what you are doing, that is what we are here for)! I never colored my own hair until I understood color theory in and out!