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What I Hate Most...

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about living in an apartment. When you're laundry isn't quite dry but you are out of quarters...<sigh>
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That would suck! I remember when I lived in an apartment back in 1984 (I had just graduated from high school) and I had to use the coin operated laundry there...and one time I went to get my laundry out of the washer, and someone had thrown a whole bunch of chicken bones in with it!!! YUK!!! I was mad!
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I guess I am lucky. I live in an apartment and we have a washer dryer hook up. I don't know what I would do with out it. I wash clothes all the time.
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Chicken bones?? Yuk! What would possess someone to do that? For me, I hate spending 10 minutes trying to thread a needle, only to find I'm trying to thread the wrong end! Did I mention I'm as blind as a bat?
Diann in Australia
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:laughing: Diann - Join the club!! Before I got my contact lenses, I'd be waiting at the bus stop, see a big vehicle coming, stick my arm out to stop it, only to find it was a lorry or truck - certainly NOT a bus!!! :laughing2
And Debby - EEEWWWW!!!! Thats gross!! Did you ever find out who did it!?!?
Thats must suck to nto have a washer/dryer, my machine is going all the time.. trouble is, it makes alot of ironing... unfortunately I dropped the iron this weekend, so its now broken and doesn't work.... what a shame...:goodbad:
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Hey, Bodlover - what's an "iron"?
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Debby - I had someone throw in black tar in my whites (in the drier) Everything was ruined, including the underpad for my bed! Of course the apartment management didn't care.
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Cindy, you know, I'm not really sure!! - For me, its just something that lives on top of my fridge - I don't even know how it got there?!?!?! :LOL: :LOL:
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**Tries to force a few quarters through the CD-ROM slot** Here...er... Well I guess that won't work but if I could give you some quarters I would.

LOL-Debby I can only imagine your face when you found the chicken bones!! The odd things that some people do.

When I was 12 I lived in a small apartment with my mom, bother and sister... And stepdad. We didn't have a washer or dryer so my mom and I would make a girls night out trip to do laundry. It was a fun way to spend time w/my mom but during the summer my stepsister would tag along sometimes and she wouldn't wear deodorant. Imagine being stuck in a car in 80 degree weather, no a/c and in the backseat was someone who wouldn't wear deodorant. Gag!!
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When I lived in New York we lived in an apartment. I hated when this happened. I used to use my hair dryer. Or hang up clother all over my apartment and trun up the heat. Heat was included in my rent.
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:LOL: I can't believe that you used a hair dryer! :LOL: My arm would fall off by the time I was done drying one shirt. I hate going to the laundromat, so I'm glad that we have a washer and dryer in our building.

I remember when I was younger, sometimes our washer or dryer would break, so we would have to load up our laundry baskets and walk 3 blocks to the laundromat. I felt so stupid walking down the street with my laundry and people would stare at me with a weird look. Oh well, at least it was good exercise.
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What WE used to do (I don't condone it now!)

Put your quarter in a pantyhose, drop it down the coin slot (the dryer will start)

Pull your quarter out!

Free dry clothing!!!!

I was a bad bad kid!
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Wish I knew this trick when I had to use the pay w/d!! Of course it cost us $6.00 a load between washing/drying and heaven forbid you had to put another $2.50 in to continue drying!!!
We moved into our own home and we have a front loader w/d!
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wow...... I WOULD condone the quarter trick if it cost that much!!!
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They ripped us so bad ;( Plus 8 apts shared ONE w/d. And some of those ppl had their friends come over to do wash. More often then not your clothes would be WET, someone would take them out of the dryer and use your time. Landlord didnt care... if you didnt SEE someone doing it, she wouldnt help you.
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I use my hair dryer when it's cold and I want to warm up a pair of socks befor putting them on! Mmmmm just like warm from the dryer!

The Tar in the dryer reminds me of my ex who was a roofer. his clothes were always covered in tar and he would just throw them into the washer and dryer at the laundry mat. I would try to make sure the clothes were inside out so they wouldn'y leave tar on the inside of the dryers.

Chicken bones!! That IS gross!

Many many years ago when I was really broke I had to wash my sons diapers by hand. Two dozen diapers every night! Now that is yucky!!!
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I have a washer and dryer that is currently holding up a bunch of boxes in a storage facility. That really makes me mad every week when I have to load up my laundry and go elbow my way through a bunch of drunk Marines and construction workers to get my laundry done. The laundry I go to has a bar in it, so they all go there instead of on base. I dropped off one load Saturday because I had a bunch of stuff to do and really needed just some work clothes done. It cost me $10.12!!! One load! I won't be doing that again.
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Yesterday, I asked my boyfriend to bring all the dirty laundry down stairs so I could do it and do a couple of other chores like take the trash out ect. I went out for breakfast and a cup of joe and when I came back the laundry was sitting in the living room.! But that's not all kids ! I had asked him to put the clean laundry from 2 weeks ago away and it was all in with the dirties! He was no where to be found! He went to a bar to watch football! So from now on he does his own laundry and ironing! Ha!

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I'm not a spiteful person........ but that would piss me off!
(pardon my French!)

I might have to find out who is was and do something mean!~

opps... the bleach spilled on your jeans..... soooo sorry!
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An apartment complex I lived in a few years ago had a laundry room for everyone. One day I put my laundry in, and went back an hour later to put it in the dryer. All of my towels were gone. I was so mad! When I thought back, I realized several articles of clothing had also gone missing over several months. I made sure to stick real close to the laundry after that. Can you imagine? Someone actually went through a load of laundry to pick out the towels.

I don't know what I would have done if I found chicken bones in my clothes. That is so gross!
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Good for you, Nenners. Bill and I, both do laundry. The only thing that I don't do, is his work clothes. He refuses to let me touch them. Does he think that I've never handled dirty, greasy jeans, before? Silly man - my dad was a heavy equipment mechanic, I have three youngers brothers and raised two sons. Believe me, I've handled a LOT of REALLY dirty clothes.
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Nenners! I would have been really mad too!!! And yes...the chicken bones were disgusting...I don't know if it was a child that did it, or an adult, but I of course had to rewash the whole load...after picking out all the gross bones. Thank goodness that was years ago, and I now have my own washer/dryer!!
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The next "peeve" I have about this "shared" laundry room is NO ONE EVER cleans out the lint screen in the dryer.

What is wrong with people??? Would they leave the lint in the screen if it was their own personal dryer? I think not! RUDE!

Can you tell I am running out of patience being in this apartment??

Hurry up April!!!!
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What I hate is washing clothes in a laundry mat! (only the larger heavier things.)

You put your washing in the machine and instead of getting clean they come out with brand new spots and stains on them! YUCK!!!!!
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The same thing happened to me Lorie! Except it was my nurse's uniforms! Thank goodness I have my own washer and dryer now, I don't know how we dealt before. New stains. people stealing laundry. People stealing your time on the dryer. LINT TRAP. I am definetly thankful I have my own. My girlfriend has a mini-washer for her apartment that she only does the 'important' stuff in because people have stolen her nice clothes before. Even her underwear! How rude. Although, my washer was making funny noises today and when I went in the laundry room, there was this horrible burning rubber smell in there. 'PEW!' Turns out hubby put too much in the washer haha. He won't do that again.
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When my brother and his wife lived at a big hotel for awhile, she got all of her clothing by a bunch of transvestites! They would go around to hotels and apartment buildings and wait for women to leave their clothing unattended, the run in and grab them. They got caught, but no one wanted their stuff back.
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This whole thread reminds me why having a washer/dryer in the apartment unit was one of our top priorities when looking for a new place. Most of the time I would arrange to visit my parents when I needed my laundry done. Good thing I had a lot of clothes at the time because I would do laundry about once a month. My dad had clothes stolen out of a dryer when we were on vacation one year. We were at the National Championships for our rifle shooting, and we do laundry once in the two weeks we're there. To this day, I think it was this guy I was talking to who was rabidly anti-gun...he thought no citizen should ever be able to own a gun. I discussed the issues with him, in a calm manner, but this guy was wacked. I think he took Dad's clothes that I was washing to make some kind of statement about owning guns or something. I could be wrong, but I was gone for a couple minutes (using the bathroom or something) and when I came back both he and the clothes were gone.
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One thing, that I always hated, about the laundromat was people letting their kids run wild. They'd be running the wheeled baskets around, playing demolition derby. When I'd need a basket, I'd have to take one, from the little beasts. Meanwhile, Mama is sitting there, totally ignoring her litle hellions.

The first items, that we bought, for this house, were a heavy-duty washer and dryer. Now, the only time that I'll have to go to a laundromat is to wash Ike's bed, in the extractor. My washer won't handle that.
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I WON! Shawn kissed my feet and groveled on the floor last night begging me to do his laundry! He promised that he would put the clothes away when they came out and he would bring the laundry down when I asked for it. I told him he better or else he WILL wash and iron his own clothes!:tounge2: Finally, he listens! I hate it also when people don't clean the lint trap! I am glad I don't deal with little hellions either!
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Way to go, Nenners! Lucky me, Bill was already housebroken, when I got him. He, even puts the toilet seat down.
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