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The very bad start to my day

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There was a very bad part to the day I stopped by my aunt's house before work and there was a little stray cat and at first I didn't think anything of it but when it started to move I realized it was injured and had two broken legs or maybe was paralyzed. And dad wouldn't help me get him so we could have him pts because he was suffering. Well I called the humane society and they came out but the idiot couldn't catch the cat and I had nothing to protect myself from him since he is half wild. And after maybe ten minutes he told me to try and catch him because he had other calls to make and since gas is so high he wouldn't be able to come for a while to catch him since he didn't want to be caught. He kept hiding under stuff. And I told him I don't drive so I have no way to take him there and I asked if he had any live traps and he didn't and so he said there was nothing else he could do and left. And I couldn't find the cat again but the neighbor to my aunt called and said she saw him drag himself up the stairs and across the road but I had nothing to catch him with. So now that poor cat has to suffer. And I feel very guilty about that. And feel guilty for having a good evening even if the day started out very badly. I just feel so bad for not being able to catch this cat but the guy only had one net and he just was about as dumb as they can be I told him to start with food but he wouldn't listen.
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I am sorry that happened. Don't feel guilty you tried today and maybe you can try again tomorrow. Hopefully you or someone else who loves kitties will help out. There is a reason you saw him. What that reason is I don't know. Hugs to you for triing.
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Aww hon i'm sorry
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bless ur heart for trying to save the lil thing, I hate people that come to rescue these animals and are dumb as a doornail and it makes u wonder how did they get that job in the first place but its not ur fault, hopefully u can catch it sometime or maybe another animal lover has seen it cross their paths as well, and is also trying
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Many, many years ago, a friend and I were driving and saw a little owl lying by the roadside. He was small, not much more than a baby, and so very beautiful -- but he was clearly stunned, and I'm sure he had been hit by a car. The only thing we had to gather him up in was my friend's jacket, so we carefully slid it under him and lifted him into the car. We set off for the nearest vet, but within a few minutes, the poor little guy's eyes glazed over.

Anyway, since then, I've always tried to keep a few things in the trunk for such eventualities -- an old pair of gardening gloves for protection, a good stiff piece of foamboard to help carry an animal safely, a pillowcase to fully contain him if necessary, and an old blanket to keep him warm. It's all come in handy from time to time!
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