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CFF Show - American Siamese Cat Club April 21-22

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I noticed some other posts about shows so I thought it would be OK to post about this show here. The American Siamese Cat Club in conjunction with CFF is putting on a show called, "It's A Spring Thing" in Saco Maine on April 21-22. You can get more information by visiting The American Siamese web site: I tried to post the link but it didn't show up.

Or by going to the CFF web site at, and also,

I'll be there and hope to see some new faces.

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Hmmmmmm....depending on the weather I may come on up. It would be fun to meet someone from TCS. I am not too far away! Will I see old and new?
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I'm brand new to TCS. I'm not sure what you mean when you asked if you'd see old and new.
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I think she meant old and new siamese? as in traditional vs. modern?
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You might call the entry clerk, but usually they will NOT tell you who will be entered in the shows.
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I'm not sure who will enter the show. But CFF only accepts the modern show style siamese to be shown as siamese. Although the show is being put on by the siamese club, there are usually many ragdolls, maine coons and persians at CFF shows. It's an all breed cat show so we never really know what will be there until we get there. I know we'll be having some bengals entered at this show. They are trying to get them accepted so the more times they are shown in the provisional class, the better. I'm really looking forward to seeing the bengals.
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That sure sounds like a nice show to visit!
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We are doing our very best to put on a wonderful show. We'll have vendors, photographer, trophies, siamese rescue organization, raffles and also, a silent auction with a lot of super cat items. We are also giving an award for the highest scoring siamese look a like cat in the house hold pet division. Anyone with household pets is welcome to enter them in the show. This is the club's first show in many years, and with our show being the last scheduled, we are hoping that it'll bring the season to an end wonderfully.
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Are you on the Show committee siamese4me? If you are, Bless you! I know what it takes to put on a good show - exciting and exhausting at the same time! And, if you're as crazy as me, you'll be showing cats as well!

Here's to a good and fun show for you!!!!
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It has been exhausting but that's Ok. Yes, I'm the co-show manager.
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Is your club a new club? When I did some searching I couldn't find it. I went to the CFF and finally found a link to the page but it's a broken link for me.

I clicked it now and it worked but when I clicked a couple links they were broken and then I lost the page again to "The page cannot be displayed"

I hope you have a good show
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