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from two cats to one

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two weeks ago we had to put down our three year old male cat for an untreatable condition. he was a lover; his sister "lets us live with her". since he's been gone, she will not leave us alone. she greets us every a.m. and from then on is all over us for attention. don't misunderstand...i am not complaining. it is quite nice to have her "out of her shell" and let us know she is here. however, i am wondering if she is acting out from missing her brother or if she really could not get any attention when he was around. i am debating on whether or not to get another kitty to keep her company or if i should just let her be the #1 kitty in the house.

any ideas?
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oh well I think its probably a bit of both, she will be missing her brother and of course that will lead to wanting more attention

It would be great for her to have some company, of course there are many kitties that are just waiting to be rehomed into a warm & loving home so you will be helping another kitty too

Let us know what you decide !
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It certainly sounds like she's missing her brother Just like we grieve animals grieve also, and what we tell members to do is to sit with the cat and talk to them softly telling them whats happend.

I think it's a good idea as well to get her some company again
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i actually called my vet today and ran the question by him as well. he offered the same kind words you all have and said to give her some time to grieve. it's been too brief a period to introduce a new cat. perhaps i will wait for another few weeks or so and see if she becomes more content by herself. if she doesn't, he also suggested introducing her to another cat. of course, i am paranoid to bring another cat into the house as she is so used to having her "space" (even when her brother was here) but i have been reading here about how to bring in another kitty and i think we'll give it a shot if/when that time comes.

many thanks fellow kitty lovers. nice to be on board.

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