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Basket case

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Hey everyone, sorry I haven't been around for a while, been a tad busy.

Anyway we all know cats are clever animals, but sometimes a little odd. We bought Suki a medium sized cat basket thinking she'd like to snuggle up in it nights. She never went near it!

Feeling a tad annoyed I turned upside down seeing if she'd go UNDER it. Nothing she just had a peek under and waddled off.

The following day I was in the living room and I noticed some movement on the upside down cat basket. The little bugger had only gone and sat on it while it was upside down. Now she loves it and sleeps all day with out budging.

I got a snap of her and I will put it up when I install the new drivers for my digi camera. She looks so cute
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Aww!! Typical cat!! :laughing: Can't wait to see the pic!
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They sure are picky little things, aren't they? But that's why we love 'em! My cat never went near the cat bed I got for him some time ago, so finally I gave it to my step-daughter to use for her little dog!
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Hopefully if I have managed to 'twist' the rules a little with Geocities you should be able to see 2 pictures of Suki in her beanbag.

I would post a pic of myself, but suki ran off after seeing it
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Although she would never admit to it, as she is a unique creature, it sounds like a typical cat. Buy them a toy and they want to play with the box it came in.

Suki is beautiful, as always. I'm glad she finally decided that the bed was up to her feline standards.
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I've never had a car bed. Every cat, that I've ever had, had the run of the house and slept wherever they wanted to. Usually, that meant MY bed!
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I made the mistake of buying a cat bed and it's now gathering dust and being totally ignored by all 3 cats. They prefer sleeping on the furniture.

Suki looks lovely and impish on her smart new bed - great pic BuNN!
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Great pics Bunn!!! and wow - look at those claws!!
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WOW...... CLAWS!!!!

(Cooper enjoys having her "nails" filed!)

Beautiful cat!!!
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Heh, thanx guys

Suki has the run of the house, but she tends to prefer her own down time, so the bean bag is perfect for her and when she gets in there's no waking her

Her claws are never trimmed, they fall out on their own, as nature intended and she uses a large strip of wood to keep them sharp.

She had her jabs last week, she was very annoyed about the fact that she was stuffed into a cat box and taken to the vet. The vet said she's in perfect condition apart from a little tar tar on her teeth. He gave me some gel which you rub on her paws. When she licks it off it's ment to desolve the tartar, removing it from the teeth. Saves brushing them She won't let me do that.

I'll get the basket picture posted soon.
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Bunn, are Tartar Control Pounce available, on your side of the pond? I've used them, for years, as well as dry food. Even my old cats had sharp, shiny white teeth.
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Yeah, seems to be a new thing here. Typical of the vetenary big wigs to keep this away from us so they can make more money. Suki had to have 5 teeth out last year and this wasn't available then. It angers me that vets put their wealth first and the health of our pets second. I know not all vets are like that, our current one is great, but I feel alot of them are only in that line to make money.

Going to buy some more tomorrow, she loves the flavour.

Oh yeah we give Suki some tablets called 'Bob Martins Conditioning Tablets'. She LOVES them and her coat is like silk. UKers can get them from Morrisons or any big pet store.
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I bought Sam a lovely little cat bed - just the right size for him to curl up in. He ignored it until I donated one of my old sweaters to the cause. Now he spends hours and hours every day sitting in his bed, surveying the world. I did cheat a little, and set the bed in the middle of the dining room where he was spending his time anyway - he and I compromise on these sorts of things.
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I have 5 cats and 3 cat beds. They all enjoy the beds, but they each have there own time when they like it, so there is never a queue. Striker will only go in it if Pepperpot is there first so he can have some snuggle time (I honestly think he thinks Peeps is his momma - they are so cute together).
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I made my own cat bed from some velvet I had lying around in the sewing box (I only have 20-25 yards of other colors left!) and they both use it, although Tiger absolutely LOVES it!
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I bought Barney a bed so that he would feel special and loved. Put toys in it for him, a hand painted pottery food bowl and a crystal water bowl beside it. He was abandoned and I wanted him to feel really special and loved. He jumped in the bed and kicked all the toys out, then wrestled the bed to the floor (I'd put it up on a bench so he'd feel safe) Refused to eat or drink out of either bowl (I've given them away) and now drags his bed around the yard! That boy has no class!
Diann in Australia
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LOL Diann, sounds like he's showing you who's boss Funny how cats do what they want and not what we want.

We got Suki a cat bowl for her water and put it next to her food dish, she never used it. Instead she licked water out of the plates under the plants in thw window. Now we have a bowl of water on the window ledge instead, she seems to prefer it there.
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Stangley enough, the cat bed in our house, is OUR bed! :laughing:
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I'd love to let Suki upstairs at night but she makes such alot of noise that we'd never get any sleep. She stays downstairs and sleeps in her warm beanbag defending our home
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BuNN, I wish my cats would stay downstairs sometimes!! Just lately, when we've slept with the door open for them, they're not interested, but heaven forbid we should SHUT it!! THEN they want to come in, and just proceed to bash it down!! :LOL: (then sleep on my leg cutting off the blood supply to it..)
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I think that Opie is entering his dotage. Two nights, this week, he slept on the Arizona room sofa - with IKE. Heretofore, he has refused to have anything to do, with Ike. It is beneath his dignity, to pay attention to such a big, dumb, clumsy oaf. I was so surprised, I took pictures, to make sure that I was seeing what I saw.
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Yes, our bed is the cat bed too. Barney packs up and goes to bed with us when lights and tv go off. And God forbid you close the door!
Diann in Australia
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I don't know where I read it, but I did read somewhere that cats love red velvet for some reason. This is strange, because the Discovery Channel program about house cats said cats see red as dark, almost black. Nevertheless, I have discovered the same thing in my own experience!
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I used to have a black cat and a red velvet bedspread. Somehow, Scamp KNEW that he looked gorgeous on that bedspread. He would loll around, in the middle of the bed and pose.
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Aw I bet that was a cute sight

Hehe, Suki was looking lovely yesterday and I got this snap.
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Oh yeah and this is our neighbours(I'm from England remember we like our 'u's) cat. She's called Henry, she named her that because she thought she was male

She has a steely stare
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Aw, Henry is very pretty, too.

There is definitely something to that red velvet thing. The red (more of a burgandy) velvet tree skirt has become a permanent part of our decor. Now we have to go buy a new Christmas tree skirt because the kitties have taken over the other one.
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Hmmm, my cat bed isn't red velvet, it's black velvet ... Although I have another 11 yards of red velvet to try that theory out on! Anyone want red velvet cat beds for christmas presents?
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Me, me, me! Oh, wait a minute, maybe they won't want to sleep with me, then! But I love velvet. Maybe you could make me a nice little sheath dress......nothing complicated...
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Oops sorry guys, sometimes my browser forgets to update things, dunno why and I missed your replies

Anyway to cheer me up I got our digital camera working with Windohs XP and here's the 'Suki in a upside down basket' picture.
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