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Radio question of the day: 04/03/07

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Do you like a little background noise or light when you sleep, or do you prefer total silence/total darkness?
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I sleep with the TV on, volume very low, on a channel that doesn't increase volume on commercials as so many networks do.
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Total silence and total darkness!
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Total silence and total darkness! of course I fall asleep when my cats purr in my ear at night.
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I have to have a fan on! My brothers, sister and mother are the same. The white noise helps drown out other noises. I used to think we were very odd but it turns out there are others like us
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever View Post
Do you like a little background noise or light when you sleep, or do you prefer total silence/total darkness?

Total darkness but I have to have to bedroom door opened. Partially for the cats, but mostly because I worry about not hearing someone in my house.
I am a horribly light sleeper, but I am also paranoid and that doesn't help.
Lights keep me awake, (cats too but what can you do? ) tv keeps me awake, basically most things either keep me awake, or wake me up during the night.
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I sooooo miss sleeping with the TV on. I haven't since DH & I moved in together. Now I get to sleep to the sound of his snores & hmmm's.
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DH must have background noise! Fan, bigger fan! I've gotten so use to the noise I can't sleep without it anymore either!
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A little background noise and a little light for me.
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total silence (haha like that ever happens!) and a little hint of light.
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Total quiet, used to sleep with the TV on but never woke up rested
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Either way is fine. When I'm ready to go to sleep, I go to sleep. Rob can continue watching his programmes, and as long as it's not "extreme machines" or monotonous talk, it doesn't bother me. Sometimes I'll put a music channel on low, and let him kill it when he comes to bed, but not as a regular thing.
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I like light so my babies can see and I also like the TV on.
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Oh, here's where I come across as a lunatic ...

I have a noisemaker. It plays a variety of sounds continuously all night: rain, waterfall, ocean, Amazon rainforest, staticky white noise, traffic, even a heartbeat (which kinda creeps me out, but I guess would be soothing for babies). I put it on the "rain" setting and leave it on all night. I cannot sleep without it, and pack it when I travel. (I even leave it on when it's actually raining. )

I also require perfect darkness. We have blinds and heavy curtains in our bedroom, and heavy curtains in the hallway outside. No nightlights for me! (I should point out, though, that I require very little light to see by, so even a small amount of light seems very, very bright to me.) I've considered getting a sleeping mask, but I think my hair would get tangled in the strap.

I could go into the other bizarre things I require while I sleep (certain number of pillows, certain heaviness to the blankets, etc.), but I'm sure you all already think I'm crazy enough!
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Well, it was in the dark and quiet a week ago but now Maisie is in the laundry room I leave the hall light on for her. I can get used to anything as long as it`s not noisy neighbours like 3:30AM saturday morning

Good thing is, their fuse box is in my flat so I just flipped the switch.
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I used to sleep in complete silence with some lights (the street lights were really light and would light up my room) but since I moved I sleep in total darkness and I have to have a fan on if I am at home, but not anywhere else. If the fan isn't on in my bedroom then I can't sleep, but if I am at someone elses house then I am fine without a fan on.
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Complete silence and a little light.
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I fall asleep in total silence (well, whatever silence Reeses will give) and semi-darkness. We have a street light in front of the house so that gives the rooms a bit of ambient glow which is fine by me. I have a hard time not tripping over Reeses as it is

I sometimes like falling asleep with the tv on, but it's not usual. My wife prefers it to be turned off anyway. It probably wouldn't be a good thing because my mind wanders so much as I try and fall asleep, ya know, what am I going to have for breakfast, what do I have to do tomorrow, when was my dentist appointment, what am I going to post on TCS... etc.., that it takes me forever to fall asleep as it is without other distraction.
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I like the room dark (i put a towel over the answering machine so I don't "see" the little light!!
Noise doesn't bother me too much except when the windows are open-the birds chipping in the morning and that @#&*feral peacock (which survived yet another Wisconsin winter) squawks for about 6-8 weeks every spring/summer like at 3 in the morning!! I think we should take a collection and by him a female mate!
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It depends... I like dark, but need some light when I open my eyes so I can see to get to the bathroom during those middle of the night urges...

I can sleep with quiet or some noise. However, one neighbor's barking dogs and the other neighbors bass guitar are the exceptions.
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One and the other.

Darkness for sure... but white noise, like a fan circulating.
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I prefer a little light when waking...if it's too dark in my room, I'll just keep sleeping. If there is too much noise while I sleep my ears ring extra loud when I wake up. I'm kind of used to the air filter we have in the bedroom, but I'm much better even if DH just shuts it off a few minutes before I wake up.
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100 percent silence and lately, 100 percent dark.
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I am a total silence Total Dark gal!!! The least little bit of anything bugs the bejeezers out of me! I used to listen to music when I was a kid but I had to keep getting up to turn it down cuz it just seemed to get louder and louder and louder as the night went on! I don't know... My mind magnifies things when I'm trying to go to sleep or something!
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I have to fall asleep w/ the TV on... and John has to fall asleep w/ his fan... its never quiet in here!
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Originally Posted by snosrap5 View Post
DH must have background noise! Fan, bigger fan! I've gotten so use to the noise I can't sleep without it anymore either!
That's my family! Welcome to the other side
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I PREFER total silence/darkness, but I rarely get it. DH likes background noise, and goes to sleep with the radio on. (It took me two years to teach him that he was eventually going to be smothered in his sleep if he continued to come to bed at 2 am...when I was already sleeping...and flip the radio on.) DH also snores a bit, and I think Tailer and Forest figure he's purring so they purr back.
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Total darkness and a little noise! (fan)
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No noise, total darkness for me.
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hmmm...I sometimes fall asleep with the t.v on, but sometimes I need complete silence and darkness other night i need the noise Im weird what can I say
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