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Introducing Maisie!

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Well, now that I`ve made up my mind to keep the poor little girl, I thought I`d better do a formal introduction!
Ladies and Gentlemen. I give you Maisie!
I know she looks a bit rough right now but I`m hoping once her teeth are sorted out and she can eat normally again she will look much better

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Her face is gorgeous, with your love and care I'm sure she will thrive
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she is a lovely colour, congrats!
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She is SO beautiful! Thank you for rescuing her - you are her angel!
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Aww I'm glad you're keeping her! She is beautiful!
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I'm so happy you're keeping her! Off to find the thread & catch up again!
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Maisie is so lucky to have found you! She has such a sweet face! I love her little black nose and her eyes are just gorgeous! They are filled with trust for you! You did a great thing!
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What a sweet girl!! love those torties!!
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What a cutie!

Good luck with Maisie!
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Oh wow she is gorgeous!
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what a sweetie.
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What a beautiful kitty!
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what a gorgeous girl and that coloring, she is just soo cute!! Thanks for rescuing this poor girl, bless ur heart But she really is a beauty
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Thanks guys!
She is really coming out of herself now!
Her fleas are all gone and she`s been groomed carefully every day. Its a bit difficult to comb her coz she`s so boney, so it`s little by little with a soft brush.
She`s looking better already and it hasn`t taken much. I`m so mad that all these other people have let her down
Anyway, she`s having her teeth seen to monday so hopefully she will feel loads better and gain some weight and have a better quality of life.
Cant wait to do before and after pics like with Kitty!
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aww she is a beauty - once she gets all those little health issues sorted - shes gonna be even more beautiful -

I am glad you decided to keep her, shes gonna be a sweet one, and I am sure Kitty will just love her to bits
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Your post made me jump - I have a Maisie, but she is a Shetland pony! Your girl is so unusual in colour - it is really lovely. I hope she feels loads better after her teeth are done.
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Thank You! Kitty is waiting to meet her. As he`s quite big and bolshy I thought he would be the one doing lots of hissing but yesterday I let her out while Kitty was in lounge and picked her up and opened the door and she hissed and growled at him!
You should have seen his little face. He looked really hurt!

I love Shetland ponies! I used to be a groom and looked after one for a while. You`ve gotta love their cheekyness!
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She is so very pretty! I'm glad you decided to give her a forever home. I'm sure she will thrive with the love she will be getting!
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