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Poor little babies, if they weren't wanted why not at least take them to a shelter where they'd be found new homes? Especially little ones like that, I'm sure they'd have been adopted out easily enough

Hutch is gorgeous and I love black kitties, but I am really taken with Starsky's colouring, I think that looks like a smoke, he's definitely a much lighter colour at the roots!
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Originally Posted by jane_vernon View Post
He does!

What sort of colouring is it? What would be a technical term as such?
How wonderful that they saved these beautiful babies...and I love the names!

Starsky might have what is called a "fever coat" which can cause that "smoke" look. If a kitten has been stressed or ill, they can get a temporary change in their coat just like Starsky is showing. He may grow out of it and be a regular tuxie!

Here's a thread that talks about it:
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What beautiful little boys! Your in-laws were great to: #1 stop and turn around and look, #2 take the kids to the vets and #3 adopt them!!! It was truly fate!
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Beautiful and lucky boys! May they live long and happy lives with your MIL and FIL.
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It's people like you and your MIL etc, that give me hope that there are still many people that care about animals. It makes me so mad to think that someone just dumped those sweet little babies.

They are SO adorable and I am so glad they have a good home, its just a wonderful story.
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They're both adorable & very lucky!
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Originally Posted by snosrap5 View Post
I don't have a clue but if I took a guess I would say some kind of black smoke maybe! That's my best guess!
it's really pretty - i'm hoping it's not a 'fever coat' 'cause it's so unusual. they're both cutie-poos!
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They are adorable! You are lucky to have found each other.
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Thank you, thank you, thank you for saving these babies........what is the matter with people, dropping them off on the side of the road!!!! GRRRRRRR They are truly lucky to be with you!!
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Oh what darlings!
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Well, its there loss and our gain!

I'm going to go over tonight and see how they are - Take some more pictures
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Bless your inlaws for rescuing these guys.
Just warn them, the bicolor's color may not be as it appears right now, it could be a fever coat.
My Vash is a black & white bicolor (tuxie) and was the exact same color as Starsky when he was that age.

I hope though that Starsky stays that smokey color, it's so beautiful.
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It is a beautiful colour! I've never seen anything like it!

I'll let them know it may be a fever coat, and we'll just see what happens as he grows up
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They are both so very beautiful!

How wonderful that your MIL found them and is able to give them a nice loving home
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