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Ear Cleaning?!

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As most of you know, I picked up a kitten a few weeks ago.

She will be 5 months on November 9th. I'm wondering how or if I clean her ears? How often would I do this, and with what cleaning solution?

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I wash the ears with a cotton ball and baby shampoo during bath time. Some people use rubbing alcohol but, I worry about it getting into the eyes if they wiggle too much. If the ears smell bad it could be ear mites and you will need to pick up medication for the ears. I have heard that some folks use baby oil in the ears to kill the mites if the infestation isn't too severe. Hope this helps.
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For most cats you really don't have to clean out their ears much at all. If you ever notice a little bit of dirt around the outside you can take a cotton ball moistened with water gently wipe the debris away.

If you're noticing a thick dark waxy build up in your kitten's ears you'll probably have to have her checked for mites since that is the most common cause of dirty ears in a kitten.
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Actually there is no wax build up in her ears. I remember reading some time ago about people who clean their cat's ears. Of course I didn't pay attention to it then, so I was just curious.

Thanks for your replies.
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Hi Kassandra,

Here are two vet approved methods (at least they are approved by two of the vets I talked to):

Method One: Moisten a cotton bud with a little mineral oil and gently swab the parts of the ear that you can see (don't go any deeper).

The mineral oil lubricates the ear skin and also has the side benefit of suffocating any ear mites if there are any in there. Don't use too much oil otherwise it will make the fur around the ear greasy looking for a few days. I like to first use a cotton bud with a mineral oil, then follow with a dry cotton bud.

It's only necessary if there is brownish gunk visible. If she has nothing in her ear, not necessary to do anything.

Method Two: Moisten a cotton ball with a little warm water. Wipe gently in a swirling motion.

My Russian Blue says she likes the first method the best.
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