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Ewwww brown bath water!!!

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I've been doing an assignment which is really frustrating, work is so busy, I'm exhausted and my neck is aching so I was hanging out for a nice soak in the bath tonight with a romance book (that a friend wrote!!!!) that came from Amazon today.

I let the water run in the bath, came back to it and the water was BROWN!!! EWWW!!!!!! I checked with a neighbour and hers is the same.

It's so bad that the water was running through the shower pouf which was hanging under the tap and now the pouf is all brown as well!!!! EW EW EW EWWW!!!!

I'm trying to decide if I should just try to ignore the colour and bathe anyway... if I don't swallow it surely it can't hurt me right??

I'm hanging out for a nice warm bath...
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Yuuuuuck, that sounds nasty! Maybe some dirt got in the line...I suppose if the water is just brown colored it wouldn't be bad, but you wouldn't want to get in a tub full of mud. I hope whatever's in the line clears up so you can have your soak!
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I wouldn't take a bath in it, especially if you are pregnant. A sewer line could have broken, as your friend's water is brown also. Wait til it is clear - and check if there is a boil water advisory in your area.
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I wouldn't bathe in it hon- if you have any superficial cuts of your skin or anything - dirty water could infect them. I'd get on the phone to your apartment maitnance people ASAP - reguardless of the time at night and kindly demand this problem be fixed asap. It is unacceptable. I also would not use the water to cook with or drink since you don't know what's in it. Get a water filter (pur or brita) if you have to cook with it. It's better to be safe than sorry. This happened to my mom and I once before at our duplex years back- it wound up being mud and debris from a messed up water pipe- no way we bathed in that I'd make your water company or apartment building get on this quickly.
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i think i would be doing a fast shower in and out.
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When I emptied the bath there was actually muddy type sediment in the bottom of the bath that I had to wash away - gross!
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Ewww....did you call maintenance or whomever to see whats up?
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Sounds like it could be the result of a broken water main.

It could also be rust from the pipe.

Eitherway I wouldn't be washing in it and the building management needs to get on it to get it fixed because it could be a health hazard.
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We occasionally get cloudy water but I don't think I would be going anywhere near brown water
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Any updates? Have they fixed the water problem yet?
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Apparently there's construction going on next to our complex, and they hit the mains. Water was off for 3 hours yesterday (while we were at work), so the water needed to be run for a while to flush out the yucky stuff.

It would have been nice if they had have left a note on residents doors letting them know!!!!

The water pressure was almost non-existent this morning, so I guess that's related to the whole problem...
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Awww i'm sorry. That stinks. Did they say how long you'd have to let it run before it flushes itself out?
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I actually ran the bath for a while last night, it got clean enough water to have a bath, and it was fine when we showered this morning - there was just no pressure...

It was annoying, because the company I work for is the one who will own the building for the construction that's going on. So the complex rental office people this morning said "Oh you work for x company don't you, well it's THEIR fault!", and apparently they've been saying that to EVERYONE who has complained about it!! Sheesh!

I mean it wasn't our company who burst the mains, it was the construction people! I told her that it was quite rude to be blaming our company, and telling everyone that, when it was the construction people's fault!
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