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need prayers

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sami has been vomiting all day and not eating. very very thirsty and can't keep water down.it is noe 10: 46 pm and my husband has gone to the vet to get a shot to give her to keep the vomiting down until in the morning. please pray it is nothing serious. vet said we'll have to do blood work which breaks my heart. i'll have to leave the room probally and make hubby stay with her. i'll let ya'll know what happens tomorrow.
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Sami is in my prayers. I wish for the very best for Sami and yourself and hope it isn't anything too serious.

Good Luck to you,
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i hope it turns out to be nothing serious. good luck
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Poor Sami! I will keep your babe in my thoughts and prayers!
I know that you must be terribly worried!
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after we gave sami the shot last night she has not vomited. she did good at the vet today. they were able to tell it was just viral infection from a stool sample. so we did not have to do blood work. and when we got home she ate! i was very worried. my kitties get colds and have to have antibiotics, but i've never seen as much vomiting as sami so it scared me. thanks everyone!
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Thank heavens all is OK. I'm so pleased for you and Sami.
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Glad everything turned out well. It can be really scary when such a little being gets sick.

I just got a kitten and 2 weeks ago we had a *little* emergency. I felt so helpless.

Give Sami a headbutt for me!

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I'm glad Sami will be ok!
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