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What kind of cat

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Hi. I would like to know if my cat is a ragdoll as some people have said. How do I post a picture of him on here so I can get your opinions on him. Thank you.
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Go to photobucket.com, register(it's free), upload your pictures, there will be three links underneath the picture you upload. The three links are URL, HTML, and IMG. Copy the IMG and paste it in a post here and it should upload your picture once you post a reply. Good Luck!
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I hope I did this right. Does this image show a picture of my cat?
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Yep - looks like a red point himalayn type of cat. Its definately a red point mixed breed - no purebred

But is pretty.
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I see a very pretty flame point kitty
Aside from point color, he looks like my Ivory.
Her vet suspects she is a ragdoll mix, but on paper, she's just a moggie (mixed breed).

click for larger image
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What a pretty cat! My sons grandmother had a litter of kittens, from a feral tabby female, and boy was there ever diversity in that litter! One was a seal point kitten who couldve easily passed for a purebred Siamese, one was fluffy white girl with Raggie markings and the other one was a flame point male who looked very much like yours!

His parents were both moggies but he was still stunning!
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Thank you for all your help. I don't know what to do with him. I found him on Thanksgiving day in our backyard. He was full of burs & clumps of hair knots. I took him to a vet. He was not micro chipped. He had fleas, worms & a water borne illness. A groomer took out the hair knots & burs & bathed him. I isolated him in my playroom until January 1st when he would be healthy enough to meet my dog & my two cats. I gradually introduced everyone. He is pretty good with my dog & one of the cats. I thought he & my other cat were at least tolerating each other but I just discovered my cat has licked all his hair off his lower stomach & the inside of his hind legs. I think I should find the stray cat another home. What do you think?
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I'd have the one checked out for any kind of skin problems first rather then just rehome the new cat. If he gets along with everyone, why make him leave?
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