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i got engaged

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If anyone cares. I got engaged on valentines day. I posted a long whiney thread a few months ago. I feel better now but want to elope. Planning a wedding is insane.

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Best wishes to you, that's wonderful!
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ps your engagement ring is very pretty
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Thanks!!!That is nice of you
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Lovely ring and lovely couple
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Congrats!! I think eloping is great. My hubby and I had a very small wedding last summer and sometimes I really wish we had just eloped. Even planning a small wedding had its issues! Good luck with whatever you decide to do and enjoy being engaged!!!!
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CONGRATULATIONS!! Thats awesome!! Lovely ring as well...and you guys make a cute couple.
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Congratulations!! Best wishes for you both
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Congrats!!!!!!!! That is a very pretty ring. Not too big, not too small. And square cuts are my favorite.

PS: The guy's not too bad either.
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Congrats! The ring is beautiful! Last year DH & I planned a trip to Jamaica, just the two of us and got married on April 1st. The parents weren't too happy at the time but they are getting used to the idea. We had a reception the following week (don't remember any of it).
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I eloped and it was worth it! I encourage all women who are in the middle of planning a wedding to take a step back, take a deep breath, and dash to a court house!
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Congrats to the both of you! Yes, planning a wedding is very hard. I had a VERY large wedding. At first while planning it, I wanted everything to be perfect and just a certain way, but by the end of it I didn't care what happened any more! I just wanted to get married and that's it! So, pretty much everyone around us planned the wedding. I was about to go crazy though! Everyone wanted it their way. There were so many things to think about. But in the end, everything came together and it all went so nicely!!! We were only engaged 6 months and that was long enough for me! We are now approaching our one year anniversary and I look back on a lot of stuff that we stressed about back then and just have to smile because it was so silly! On my wedding day as long as I was there and he was there, that is all that mattered to me! All the hard planning that took place didn't even matter to me any more!!!

Congrats to you again, many good thoughts being sent your way! Remember not to stress and just enjoy the moment! Hope everything goes well for you!
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Congrats!!! Enjoy being engaged...after the wedding your are just "the wife"! (lol...just kidding!). I've been married 1 1/2 yrs, and yes, planning a wedding is SOOOO stressful! My husband BEGGED me to go to Las Vegas with him and elope but I wanted the celebration with friends and family.

A wedding is only as stressful as you make it. There is nothing wrong with a civil ceremony and a picnic or luncheon after. I was maid of honor at my best friend's wedding and they exchanged rings 30 ft under water (scuba divers are crazy). Basically it is you and your future husband's day. You do what you want. Don't plan a wedding to please anyone but yourselves.
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Originally Posted by lookingglass View Post
I eloped and it was worth it! I encourage all women who are in the middle of planning a wedding to take a step back, take a deep breath, and dash to a court house!
Thats my plan. No Hoopla. No cake and if i can get around it ,no big fancy-ola rings. Just love.
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Congrats! Youre ring is gorgeous!

I myself have only been engaged for 3 months and I can tell you that it is only as stressful as you make it. Remember it is about what you want and not what everyone else wants. My mom seems to think this is her thing to plan already
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Congradulations on you engagement!!!!
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Originally Posted by binkyhoo View Post
Thats my plan. No Hoopla. No cake and if i can get around it ,no big fancy-ola rings. Just love.
The only reason I had a cake is because my Mom made me. It was the morning of my wedding and as she was looking around she pitched a fit about not having a cake. I made a mad dash out to the grocery store and bought the first cake I saw just to make her happy. I didn't care that it said "Happy Birthday".
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Thanks everyone.

I just want our parents to be there and other people (fiances mom) want everyone else to be there cause she thinks they will be mad. I just want a small ceremony , I wouldnt mind it being at the beach and then I want like a barbecue buffet type thing. Im almost vegan so I dont trust a catering service and would have to make all the food. Even the cake.

Another part of me just wants to skip the after party reception and get married at a small chapel and then just go to a beach house for the honey moon.

I dont want to get married until next spring but still... I need to make the decisions now cause spring is a busy time.

I dont know... Argghh!!!!
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I would elope first too, and then... later when im ready i would just get everyone to come along to the beach for the photos and reception!
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You make a very cute couple.
As for the wedding - it's going to be stressful unfortunately, but at the end of the day, you'll be glad you put some effort into the planning and had the people there that you wanted. I wanted to run off to some romantic island and get married, but I'm glad we had the ceremony that all our friends and family could attend. It does mean a lot.
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My problem is too that My fiance has a lot of family and I have my mom and dad and then my dads family which is in ohio. I know they all arent going to be able to come down here and I cant afford to house them all. I havent spoken to my moms side of the family in like 3 years. I dont really want to either. I am not really close to anyone but my mom too. He is pretty close to all his family. I dont have very many friends. Mine moved to florida and his friends still live here. I dont even want to have a maid of honor . I just want it to be us standing up there.
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